This site focuses on the Investing Research and Development Division of the National Association of Online Investors (NAOI). We are currently developing a new NAOI Corporate Web site that is scheduled to come online at some point in the near future. For now this is the main site for NAOI Corporate and both our Education and Research Divisions. The NAOI corporate structure is discussed on this page: About the NAOI.

The goal of this page is to give you a quick overview of this Web site. There is a lot of content here for a reason. The NAOI is announcing our intentions of changing the world of investing at its very core. Describing how we plan to do this requires a fair amount of information and education. This site is created to provide both in addition to serving a marketing and sales role. 

You may be interested to know that this site can be viewed on all screens sizes including Smart Phones, IPads and of course any computer screen. Special coding automatically adjusts the size of the Web pages and their format to fit the screen you are using. We invite you to view it on any or all of your devices.

The Purpose and Evolution of this Site

This page provides a short tour of what you will find on this site now and what you will find here in the future as the site evolves. Links are presented to take you to site pages where the related topic is discussed. Here are the topics presented:

  1. Awareness. This site announces to the world that the NAOI is now engaged in fundamental investing research and development in addition to investor education. Both are critical elements in the NAOI's overall mission of empowering individuals to become confident and effective investors.  
  2. NAOI Evolution. This site explains the organizational changes made within the NAOI's corporate structure as a result of the addition of a research and development division. See the About the NAOI and the About the Research Center pages under the Welcome menu choice for more information.
  3. Investing Research Projects. This site shows examples of investing research and development projects the Research Center currently has in process and explains our methodology. See the Investing ResearchDynamic Investing Theory, 401k Solution and Return Required Calculator pages. All are found in the sub-menu of the Dynamic Investing selection on the site's Navigation menu.
  4. Education Research Projects. This site describes our plans for expanding and improving our investor education content and delivery methods. See the Education page.
  5. NAOI Memberships. This site offers Individual and Professional Memberships that will enable our audience to stay informed of, and participate in, our efforts to define the future of investing. See the Memberships Page.
  6. NAOI Partnerships. This site offers Partnerships to financial organizations that are interested in working with us to define and take full advantage of the innovative investing methods that we are developing. See the Partnership Page and the more focused ETF Developer Partnership and 401k Partnership pages.
  7. NAOI Products and Services. This site describes the products and services that will be made available via an online store that will be implemented on this site in the near future. See the Products page. 
  8. Leland Hevner Blog. On this site NAOI President Leland Hevner maintains a Blog on which he will periodically add posts related to new advances by the Research Center, financial news that is worth reading, education topics and new financial products or services that he believes will be useful to individual investors. See the Blog Overview and the Blog pages.
  9. Communication. This site welcomes both questions and input from the public and the financial services industry via the Contact Us page. 
  10. Updates. This site enables you to be immediately informed of all NAOI product releases as they occur and any changes or additions made to this site via the Updates Alerts Mailing List at the bottom of each page on this site.

Online Store: Coming Soon!

This site will expand as the NAOI Investing Research Center releases products and services for sale. By the end of January, 2016 the site will feature an online store where these products / services can be purchased. 


This site will grow as the NAOI Investing Research Center develops new ways to invest and new educational resources. And it will grow fast. Make sure you sign up to the Updates Alert Email List shown at the bottom of each page of site to receive notifications of all updates as they occur.