The National Association of Online Investors (NAOI) is a market leading investor education, investing research and financial consulting organization.

Founded by NAOI President, Leland Hevner in 1997 its mission is to empower individuals to become confident and effective investors via objective, comprehensive and academically rigorous education combined with the use of online resources. Since its inception, thousands of individuals have read NAOI books, taken NAOI online courses and/or attended NAOI college classes.

The NAOI Structure

The NAOI is structured to accomplish its mission in the most effective and efficient manner. The diagram below shows the NAOI Divisions and information flows.

NAOI Structure 1.png

Each Division provides unique and essential value for meeting the NAOI mission of investor empowerment. Here is a short description of each.

Investor Education Division: This is the division that is responsible for creating objective, comprehensive and academically rigorous education material for books and courses presented to the investing public. This educational material is published in multiple formats to meet the needs of a wide variety of students. NAOI education developers are experts in the investing field as well as accomplished writers, editors and teachers. This division is also tasked with performing market research aimed at understanding the problems, the wants and the needs of the investing public via interaction with NAOI students. Student feedback informs changes to our course material enabling it to constantly change to address the evolving nature of the investing field. More information is found at this link.

working at the cutting edge of investing education and innovation

working at the cutting edge of investing education and innovation

Investing Research Division: When we encounter investing issues raised by our students that education, alone, cannot solve the NAOI Research and Development Division is engaged to create new investing methods and investment products that can. Involved in this division are individuals with extensive knowledge of how the field of investing works today and have the research and development skills to enable them to create innovative solutions to what may seem to be unsolvable problems. More information is found at this link.

Publishing Division: Clear, concise communication of NAOI education content is critical to fulfilling our mission. The NAOI Publishing division is devoted to this effort. It is tasked with publishing our books and courses in a manner that best fits the needs of the target audience using a full range of formats including hardcopy books, online courses and college classroom presentations. We also use external publishing resources including Amazon and major publishers such as John Wiley & Sons. We use the format that best fits the needs of the student.

Consulting Division: This division works in two capacities. First, we show financial organizations how they can gain a major competitive advantage by including a professional education component with the products / services that they sell. We then work with them to create one. Second we work with advisors and financial organizations to show them how to gain competitive advantage by including in their offerings innovative investment product and investing methods produced by the NAOI Research Division as discussed above. An example of this is showing working with advisors and financial organizations how they can increase revenues, expand their product offerings and increase market share by using NAOI Dynamic Investments as discussed at this link.

An Investing Organization Like No Other

This NAOI structure has evolved over 20+ years of our existence to provide investment buyers the education they need to invest with confidence and success and to provide financial organizations with the products and methods they need to attract the business of the newly empowered investors trained by the NAOI.

Contact the NAOI

Further information is available by contacting NAOI President, Leland Hevner, directly at LHevner@naoi.org or go to our Contact Page.

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