The NAOI and the NAOI investing Research Center bring a unique set of products, services and skills to the investing marketplace. Hopefully you have read on this site about the innovative investing methods and products we are developing that are far more effective than those in use today. Hopefully you see the value in the extensive investor education assets we hold and how financial organizations can use them to enhance their existing offerings. And hopefully you agree with us that the world of investing, as it operates today, has significant room for improvement. The world of investing must evolve and so must the organizations that work in it. 

Below are examples of the types of Partnerships the NAOI offers.

An NAOI Education Partnership

When the NAOI surveys the public about what a financial organization could offer that would have the greatest attraction to them, the benefit that tops the list is EDUCATION. People want to understand what they are buying and why it is better than similar offerings of competitors. They also want to know all of the pros and cons of what is being offered. For this purpose the public wants objective education as opposed to sales pitches.

The NAOI can develop for your organization the first-class education offering that the public wants and needs to buy and use your products / services via an NAOI Education Partnership. Under this type of partnership we work with your organization to define a client education strategy that will enhance your product line and give you a massive competitive edge in a crowded market. The NAOI can then implement the strategy quickly and efficiently by using our investing knowledge-base to create any number of courses, seminars and/or whitepapers that teach people not only about investing basics but also about YOUR products and their benefits. Plus, having your organization's name associated with the NAOI, a trusted name in the field, is a tremendous advantage.

Of course the NAOI will not partner with any organization that we feel is not working in the best interests of the public - but for those that are, we can help you make sure the market knows it. Any organization that is willing to provide objective education in investing to the public will earn the coveted "NAOI Seal of Approval" and with it a signal to the market that yours is an organization that can be trusted. 

An NAOI Research Partnership

We offer to financial organizations the opportunity to collaborate on research projects. On the "Investing Research" page of this site you will find the lines of research and development that the NIRC currently has open or on the drawing board. If your organization has an interest in any of these projects we are open to working together with you to develop them via an NAOI Research Partnership.

An NAOI Research Partnership also gives your organization a head-start related to new developments that the NAOI will be offering to the public and the financial services industry in the near future. These changes will be significant and before they go public you will want to be among the first to consider integrating them as a part of your strategic planning. An NAOI Research Partnership enables you to do just that. 

Another option of a Research Partnership is one in which the NAOI provides marketing input to your strategic planning efforts. We know, perhaps better than any other organization in the market, what the average person with money to invest wants and needs. We know what will attract them to your organization and what will drive them away. Under this option of the NAOI Research Partnership we will provide to you the marketing input you need to ensure that every aspect of what you are developing meets the needs, and will attract the attention, of the public.

An NAOI 401(k) Partnership

The NAOI offers a 401(k) Partnership that can enable any organization to offer a Plan that includes Dynamic Investments and by doing so capture a massive share of the 401k market. This Partnership enables and organization to offer a total 401k solution that uses Dynamic Investments (DIs).

NAOI 401(k) Partners will learn how design and use DIs to build a Plan that fits any company's unique needs, including a "default" investment that will meet the needs of all employees regardless of their age, risk profile or time to retirement. NAOI 401(k) partners will receive training on how these investments work and are managed, an education package for Plan participants as well as marketing materials for our Partner's marketing efforts.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to change and improve 401k Plan investing as we know it. The organization that works with the NAOI will be fully equipped to offer the unique product and approach that 401k participants are so desperately seeking.

An NAOI Academic Partnership

Academia, we need to talk! Where are your objective and comprehensive courses on Personal Investing? Why are the classes that you do offer, typically in Continuing Education, almost always taught by financial salespeople? Why do you virtually ignore teaching this vital life-skill?

It is time to get serious. Effective personal investing is one of the most important skills that a person can learn. Very few areas of knowledge have a larger effect on a person's quality of life than learning how to invest. Yet academia today either ignores the topic altogether or entrusts it to financial salespeople to teach.

The public expects more and better from its institutes of learning. The NAOI can help solve this problem by providing academia with proven Personal Investing Curricula that give the public what they need to become confident, knowledgeable and effective investors whether they work with an advisor or on their own.

The obstacle for academia has always been how to construct academically rigorous courses in an investing world that is so chaotic, unstructured and filled with human judgment. As it exists today, personal investing can't even be accurately labelled as a "field of study". The NAOI has the answer. Our Dynamic Investing approach to investing is based on scientific methods and empirical observations. In effect, the NAOI has made investing a true "field of study" with rules-based methods that can be taught! Now, academia, you have no excuse for not giving the people what they want and need.

We suggest that you first review the Education page on this site and then Contact us to begin the process of developing personal investing courses that will be the most popular series of courses you will EVER offer. We show you how via an NAOI Academic Partnership.

NAOI Consulting

Partnerships should not be confused with NAOI Consulting Services. Under a Partnership the NAOI sets the framework of our interaction with some amount leeway to accommodate an organization's special requirements. Under NAOI Consulting agreements the contract we sign sets the structure of our interaction along with deliverables, timeframes and costs.

Let's Talk

There are many types of Partnerships that the NAOI can offer. Perhaps you found a Partnership Type of interest on this page or in the Partnership navigation sub-menu. If not, contact us and let us know how we can assist you in reaching your unique goals. In either case use the Contact page of this site to start the discussion. Let's get started today!