Use this calculator to determine your Net Worth. Get the your Asset Total from the NAOI Total Assets Calculator worksheet and enter it in the top line. Then list your Liabilities. When you click "Calculate" the calculator will add your Liabilities, subtract them from your Assets and give your Net Worth. Of course this will be an estimate as very few people have exact numbers for all of these items - put it will give you a good idea of this important number.


Your Total Assets - Enter the total from your NAOI Assets Calculator Worksheet


Mortgages - Enter the total balance of any mortgages you owe.
Bank Loans - Enter the total amount of any bank loans.
Car Loans - Enter the total amount of any car loans
Charge Accounts - Enter the total amount outstanding on charge accounts such as credit cards
Margin Loans - Enter the total amounts from margin loans from a broker.
Alimony - Enter the total amount you currently owe in alimony if any.
Taxes Owed - Enter the amount of taxes you currently owe.
College Loans - Enter the total amount you owe on any college loans if any.
Insurance Owed - Enter the total amounts owed on any insurance policies.
Business / Personal Loans - Enter the total amount of any business or personal loans outstanding.
Other - Make a list of any other items you owe. Enter the total here.

Click to Calculate Totals

Total Assets - This is your Total Assets as entered at the top of this page.
Total Liabilities - This is your Liabilities Total created by adding the above entries.
Your Net Worth - This is Assets minus Liabilities


If you have completed all of the NAOI Financial Calculators in sequence as presented, you now have a good idea of your financial status. You have also set feasible investing goals and have the numbers needed to create an Investing Plan for meeting them. Can you even imagine starting, or continuing, your investing activities without this knowledge? Sadly most people do. You are not one of them.

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