401(k) retirement plans are a huge market. This is where most people interact with the equity markets. Yet according to NAOI surveys of 401(k) eligible employees, this market is not being well serviced by Plan providers today. People tell us that the education that Plan providers offer is poor, the investing options are confusing and the expenses are far higher than they should be. As a result many individuals do not take full advantage of this valuable investing opportunity.

In the Innovation section of this site we describe how Dynamic Investments and Dynamic Portfolios are perfect investments for investors in 401(k) Plans - or any other retirement plan for that matter. 

NAOI Dynamic 401(k) Plans

The use of Dynamic Investments changes all of that. As explained on the page entitled The 401k Solution on this site, Dynamic Investments are designed to be sufficiently "smart" to automatically change their holding(s) in response to market changes. They only buy into assets or market segments that are trending up in price and avoid or sell assets / markets that are trending down. Since trades are made based on empirical observations without the need for human judgment, investor education requirements are minimized. And as you saw on the Dynamic Investing Theory page of this site, the performance of even the simplest Dynamic Investment significantly exceeds that of traditional MPT portfolios and with less risk. Dynamic Investments are also capable of detecting crashing markets and getting out before significant damage is done. This feature, alone, will remove investor anxiety and dramatically increase 401k participation rates.

NAOI 401(k) Partnerships

The NAOI offers a 401(k) Partnership that can enable any organization to offer a Plan that includes Dynamic Investments and by doing so capture a massive share of the 401k market. This Partnership represents a total 401k solution including defined Dynamic Investments, a high performing / low risk Default Investment, training on how these investments work and are managed, an education package for Plan participants as well as marketing materials for our Partner's marketing efforts. This is an unprecedented opportunity to change and improve 401k Plan investing as we know it. The organization that works with the NAOI will be fully equipped to offer the unique product and approach that 401k participants are so desperately seeking.

Designing YOUR 401(k) Plan Offering

The NAOI can provide your organization with a turnkey 401k Plan product. Or we can integrate Dynamic Investments into an existing 401k plan that you may currently be offering. Either way, your organization wins in a very competitive market.

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