Hi, my name is Leland Hevner. I am the President of the National Association of Online Investors and the NAOI Investing Research Division. You can read more about me by clicking here. I created this blog to help you sort through the massive flood of investing information that assaults us on a daily basis and bring to you only relevant and actionable investing news, developments, education and commentary.

In my job I am forced to look through massive amounts of financial news and opinions from numerous sources on an almost daily basis. 99.9% of the time I can just look at a headline or a first sentence and move on. Most of what comes from the financial media today is just "noise" used to fill up broadcast air time and print space. But occasionally I run across information that is genuinely useful for individual investors. On these rare instances I will share it with you on this blog along with my commentary and a Web link if appropriate.

I will also periodically create posts related to education and my opinions, either good or bad, on some aspect of the financial world. Plus I will use this blog to help you build an investing toolkit of Web sites to inform your investing activities. 

I will not post here everyday. There just isn't that much of interest out there in the investing world. Certainly day to day market news and movements are best ignored. I also find that "expert" forecasts related to future market movements are generally worthless. So if you see a new post here it will generally be worth reading.

Read the first post to learn more about my goals in creating this blog and why you should read it. And check back regularly to see what's new. It will save you a lot of time reading, watching or listening to things from the financial world that are of little or no use.

Leland B. Hevner
President, NAOI 

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