This calculator will give you a feel for the factors that affect wealth accumulation and the amounts you can expect to have at various future points in time. Change the inputs to see the affect on how your money accumulates. Vary inflation, your return rate and your monthly deposit. Look at how the smallest change in any one variable changes the amount of wealth you have in future years.

Several assumptions are made in this calculator. Primary among them is that yearly compounding is used instead of monthly or continuous compounding.

Note that the results of this calculator are estimates only, and calculators that use different assumptions will produce different results. You should make no investment decisions based solely on results of this calculator.

Initial Deposit- This is the initial sum of money placed in the investment account. 
(Do not enter $ signs, decimal points or commas.)
Monthly Deposit -This is the amount of money you can afford to contribute to your investing plan on a monthly basis.
(Do not enter $ signs, decimal points or commas.)
Return Rate - This is the yearly return rate for your portfolio. Vary this amount to see how just a few percentage points can have major effects in the long term. (for 6% just enter 6)
Your Tax Rate - Enter your tax rate here. (for 20% just enter 20)
Estimated Inflation Rate - Enter the average inflation rate you believe will occur in the near term - it has been between 0% and 2% for the last several years - (for 2% just enter 2).
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Time Period Account Value
1st Year Amount
2nd Year Amount
3rd Year Amount
4 Year Amount
5 Year Amount
10 Year Amount
15 Year Amount
20 Year Amount
30 Year Amount
40 Year Amount

This calculator should show you the importance of contributing to your investing plan on a regular basis. It also shows how portfolios with just a little extra return power can have a significant effect on your financial future. Finding these extra returns is the purpose of Dynamic Investments that you can read about on this site.

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