The NAOI has a Consulting Section. Its mission is to work with financial service providers to prepare them for a smooth and profitable transition to the Future of Investing. This page discusses the changes that financial advisors and organizations will need to consider in order to stay competitive in the significantly altered investing environment to come. And it discusses how the NAOI can assist them in doing so.

The Public's View of the Financial Service Industry Today

The NAOI has worked closely with the investing public for over a decade. Not only do we teach people the basics of investing, we also gather feedback teaches us what the public wants and needs to become confident investors. One such area where we regularly seek input relates to how the public views and interacts with the financial services industry.

From hundreds of surveys and interviews we know that investing advisors all look pretty much the same to the average person with money to invest. Most people do not know the difference between advisors who are broker - dealers and those who are certified investment advisors. They do not know the difference between advice that meets a "suitability" standard and advice that meets a "fiduciary" standard. Because of this lack of knowledge, most people choose an advisor based on advertisements, marketing seminars, sales pitches seen on TV or heard on the radio and referrals from friends or relatives. The public currently does not know how to evaluate advisors based on their performance or the quality of products they offer.

This sad state of affairs opens a tremendous opportunity for a forward-thinking financial service organization to capture a large market-share by offering to the investing public the innovative investing methods and education products created by the NAOI. We provide these benefits through Seminars, Classes and Customized Consulting services.

Financial Advisor Change Is Needed

NAOI research shows us that the public today is not happy with the financial services industry. They are frustrated with the complexity of the investing process along with holding portfolios that produce mediocre returns with high risk and no protection from market crashes. From this input the NAOI has identified several actions that a financial advisor or a financial services organization needs to take to regain the trust of the public. Four of the most important are as follows:

1. Offer New Investing Products and Methods. When it comes to portfolio design methods, individual investors hear the same mantra from virtually every advisor they work with. All use Modern Portfolio Theory to design portfolios with asset allocations that match the client's risk profile. And while different advisors will offer mutual funds from different companies, they all look the same to the average investor. There is no competitive advantage to be had here. The successful advisor of the future will offer new, innovative investing methods and products. Among them will be the NAOI Dynamic Investments as discussed on this site. 

2. Offer a Comprehensive Education Program. A significant competitive advantage will be held by any advisor or financial service organization that offers to the public a structured investor education program. When implemented correctly - and not constructed as simply a glorified "Help" section on a Web site - such an offering will immediately close the confidence gap that currently exists between the public and advisors. New ideas plus investor education will place any organization that offers them head and shoulders above competitors in a crowded field. Through an Education Partnership the NAOI can provide an organization with a first-class, customized education offering quickly and inexpensively.

3. Be More Responsive to the Public's Needs. Too many investing products and services today are created by the financial services industry for benefit of the financial services industry. The financial organization that takes the time to understand the wants and needs of average investors and then offers products and services based on this information is the organization that will dominate in the future of investing. The NAOI has worked with the investing public for close to two decades. We can show any organization the types of products and services that will give your organization a massive competitive advantage and we can help you to provide them.

4. Provide Total Investing "Solutions". At a rapidly increasing rate, investing is becoming more that just designing a portfolio. New products such as Annuities and Reverse Mortgages are starting to dominate the investing discussion. The successful advisor of the future needs to be able to speak intelligently about these focused investing products and to give coherent advice. Extra credit will go to the advisor who offers structured education to a client who asks about these topics whether he/she sells them or not. This type of material is available from the NAOI in the form of "Courselets" as discussed on the Education Page of this site. The NAOI can customize each Courselet with the branding of you organization. If your client is forced to look elsewhere for information related to any investing product of interest to them, you will lose them.

There are other many changes that the financial services industry needs to consider making in order to survive and thrive in the future of investing. These four topped the list in NAOI surveys. There are others that the NAOI Consulting Section can make you aware of.

Change and NAOI Consulting Services

The world of investing will evolve. In just a few short years we will look back at how investing works today and view it as the dark ages. On the Future of Investing page we provide the NAOI vision of the changes to come. It will be a future in which the public is empowered by objective education, better investing methods and more choices, all of which the NAOI is creating today.

The investor of the future will be more a more formidable client than the financial industry deals with today. The successful advisor or financial organization of the future will not only know how to deal with this newly empowered client but how to work with them not as a salesperson but as a partner. 

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