The National Association of Online Investors is an "Association" for a reason. In virtually all of our education and research activities we seek the input and participation of either the public, the financial services industry or both. We structure such interaction through NAOI Memberships, both Individual and Professional. This page explains each type of Membership along with signup forms. Both Membership types are absolutely FREE!

Individual Memberships (Free)

The world of investing today needs to be updated in a number of areas. We identify these areas based on both our study of the market and via input from the investing public. We invite all individual investors regardless of experience level to join us in this effort through a free Individual Membership in the NAOI. The benefits of doing so are as follows: 

1. Help Design the Future of Investing. To research and develop new and better ways to invest we need to hear from you, the individual investor. As an NAOI Individual Member you will have a direct link to our management and our research team. When you signup via the form below - for free - we will give you the members-only contact information. We would like to hear from you in the following areas:

  • Tell us about your investing experience - what works for you and what doesn't?
  • Tell us what topics you would like the NAOI to address in our educational material.
  • Tell us what new products or services you would like to see the financial services industry offer.
  • Tell us about anything else that would make your investing experience more friendly and effective

2. Take part in surveys. As an NAOI Individual Member you will have the opportunity to make your voice heard in surveys that the NAOI conducts on a periodic basis. Of course taking a survey is totally optional, but your input will help us to continue developing investing products and services that will improve your investing experience and results. 

3. The Individual Membership Newsletter. Periodically you will receive by email the NAOI Individual Member Newsletter in which we discuss the progress of our research in the areas of investor education and investing innovation. This is information that can inform the investing decisions you make today.

Don't confuse Individual Membership with our Update Alerts Email service found at the bottom of each page of this site. You don't need to become a Member to be alerted to when new products are released or updates occur. 

The NAOI Individual Membership Signup Form

Please fill in the brief form below to become an NAOI Individual Member. Note that this is FREE and we don't sell or share you information with any third party. When you click the "Submit" button you will get an email that you must respond to in order to confirm your Membership. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

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Professional Memberships (Free)

The NAOI also welcomes Professional Members from the financial services industry. Whether you are an individual financial advisor or a member of a large financial firm we need your input to inform our research and development activities. Here is why you should become an NAOI Professional Member:

1. A Direct Communication Link. You will have a direct link to NAOI Management through use of a special Professional Members-only contact email that you will receive immediately upon registration.

2. Cooperative Efforts. In many cases you may be interested in participating in areas where the NAOI Investing Research team is working. For Professional Members we are open to considering a cooperative effort. The goal is to arrive at the best results possible. If we can work together to get them, then let's do it. As a Professional NAOI Member we will consider requests for cooperation with a higher priority.

3. Research Requests. We know that the financial services industry is just as interested in meeting the needs of the public as is the NAOI but perhaps your organization isn't structured to perform research and development on your own. We will gladly consider your requests to conduct research in areas that you believe will help your organization better meet the needs of your prospects and clients. Such requests will get a higher priority if you are an NAOI Professional Member.

4. Write a Courselet. As you learned on the Education page of this site the NAOI is offering education "Courselets" in focused areas of investing such as Annuities, Reverse Mortgages, Social Security, etc. If you are an NAOI Professional Member and would like to write one of these Courselets using NAOI guidelines we will be happy to make your work available to the public in our soon to be released NAOI Store. If accepted, your organization will receive full credit for the Courselet as well as the NAOI "Seal of Approval" that will drive potential clients to your Web site.

5. NAOI Professional Newsletter. Professional Members will periodically receive the NAOI Professional Member Newsletter. Here we will discuss areas of investing research that we are currently engaged in or are considering. If your organization finds any of them to be of particular interest, we invite your input and perhaps your participation.

The NAOI Professional Membership Signup Form

Please fill in the brief form below to become an NAOI Professional Member. Note that this is FREE and we don't sell or share your information with any third party. You can unsubscribe at any time. When you click the "Submit" button you will get an email that you must respond to in order to confirm your Membership.

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Update Alerts (Free)

Sign up at bottom of any page on this site for NAOI Alerts and Updates. You do not need to be a Member to take advantage of this valuable benefit.