NAOI products and services are created with one goal in mind namely to meet our Mission Statement of empowering individuals to become more confident, effective investors and to enable them to take more personal control of their financial futures. In this Products section of the site you will learn about our investor empowerment products and services. Let the "Products" submenu guide you after reading the overview on this page.

The Elements and Tools of Investor Empowerment 

As discussed in our Mission Statement, there are four elements of investor empowerment that the NAOI has defined based on extensive market research. They are listed below along with links to areas of this site where each such element is addressed with an NAOI product/service.

  1. Education - Education is the first element of investor empowerment. Today people look for investing education from financial advisors who are also salespeople, academia is shamefully absent in this area. The first priority of the NAOI is to supply the average person with money to invest with objective, comprehensive and easy to read/understand investing education. This takes the form of Books, Seminars, Classes, Speaking Engagements and more. The NAOI is the market's leading supplier of objective investor education and has been for over a decade. 
  2. Innovation - Innovation is the second element of investor empowerment. It makes no sense to provide education for investing methods that don't work. In 2008 the NAOI realized that many investing theories and methods in almost universal use today are obsolete. Among them are Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), an approach to portfolio design that is seen today as "settled science." Well, in 2008 as the market crashed so did MPT portfolios. So the NAOI Research Division found a better approach to investing in the form of Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT). And this is what we teach in addition to MPT which can co-exist with DIT if used properly. 
  3. Tools - Tools and online resources are the third element of investor empowerment. The NAOI has identified two areas where individual investors will benefit greatly from online resources. The first is a set of financial calculators that empower them to define and document their financial goals and profile. The NAOI has developed these Financial Planning Calculators and they are found on this site. The second area of resources are financial Web sites - but their are so many it is impossible for the public to sort through them to find the best. To address this issue the we have provided on this site our NAOI Recommended Sites for a multitude of purposes. This area will change as we find new and better sites.
  4. Insights - Market commentary and insights are the fourth element of investor empowerment. The use of Dynamic Investment Theory eliminates most subjective human judgment from the investing process. Still, there is a place for occasional commentary related to market dynamics, economic conditions and world events that are can affect market performance. This resource is provided by the NAOI on this site via Leland Hevner's Blog.

The identification of these four elements of investor empowerment serve as a basis for the development of the NAOI Product Line discussed in this section of the Web site - accessed via the "Products" submenu.

A Dynamic Product Line - Stay Informed

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