A critical element of investor empowerment are resources that can be found on the Web. Yet the Web has thousands of financial / investing related Web sites, some that are very good and some that are little more than marketing presentations. And there are some that are complete scams. It is almost impossible for the average investor to sort through this maze to find those that enhance their ability to invest effectively and with confidence.

The NAOI solves this problem by identifying those sites that we feel provide investors with the information and tools that they need. We call these "NAOI Recommended Sites" and they are listed below on this page in a variety of categories. These are obviously not the only sites that could prove to be valuable to investors, but they are a good start, forming the core of a comprehensive Investing Web Site toolkit.

How to most effectively use these sites is discussed in NAOI Education material.

Note that the sites listed are not here as a result of any compensation to the NAOI. As with all other areas of investor empowerment, we are completely objective in our selections.

NAOI Recommended Web Sites

Following are the current NAOI Recommended Web Sites for a variety of investing categories. This is a dynamic list so check back here often for changes and/or join our Updates Email list at the bottom of this page. Note that you can access any of these pages by clicking a site's link. It will open in a separate browser window.

Investment Data 

To find data related to a stock, mutual fund or ETF the following site is recommended. Simply enter the equity symbol and use the menus to navigate the information available.

Investment Price Charting

We find the simplest and most versatile price charting resource on the Web to the following. Enter your equity symbol on the site where indicated and click the "Interactive Charts" item in the menu on the left portion of the screen. Note that we do not recommend this site for information such as returns data as it is currently reported only quarterly, whereas the site listed above reports daily.

Economic and Market News

To find general economic and market news we have a repeat winner in the following site:

ETF List and Related ETF Tools

NAOI Dynamic Investing uses Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as its investment type of choice. The following site is the one we recommend to access a database of virtually all available ETFs in the market.

Investor Education

The Web is a great resource for learning about specific areas of investment. It is not so good at providing comprehensive investing education - that is the realm of the NAOI. But when you need to understand a focused topic or term such as Sharpe Ratio or Standard Deviation there are sites that can give you a quick explanation. We find the following to be the best:

A Core Investing Toolkit

That's it for now. Doesn't seem like enough? Trust us, it is for our purposes here. The worst thing you can do is load up your investing site bookmarks with so many sites that you don't use any of them. These are the "Core" sites that you need to transform NAOI provided education and knowledge into investing actions. Of course feel free to add your own.

Suggest a Site

If you have one or more recommendations for additions to this site list, Contact us and we will consider adding it to the list. But only do so with an understanding of what the NAOI is all about - empowering individuals to invest with confidence. We are not interesting in marketing sites or sites trying to sell a trading system. Should you wish to suggest a site send it to us via email, tell us how it serves the investing public and why it is the "best in show" for what it does. We will review it. If it passes our criteria we will include it in the above list as an NAOI Recommended Site and let our members and visitors know about it.  

Update Alerts

This list of sites will continually evolve and change. Make sure you sign up for our Update Alerts Email list found at the bottom of each page of this site to be notified immediately when we add (or delete) a Web site from our Recommended Web Site List.