The NAOI is committed to providing the highest quality investor education in the market. We do this through multiple "hardcopy" products that are discussed on this page. Education "services" are discussed on the next page of this Web area in the form Seminars, Classes and Speaking Engagements.

Following are the Investor Education Books, Papers and Programs that we currently offer. Note that several are not yet released but are coming soon. Those that are currently available can be purchased in the NAOI online store.

The Dynamic Investment Bible

The first major new release resulting from original NAOI research is a book entitled "The Dynamic Investment Bible" as shown at right and also discussed in the Dynamic Investment area of this site here: Dynamic Investment Bible.

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Consisting of over 200 pages and written for both the average person with money to invest and financial professionals, this easy to read and understand book explains the basics of a fundamentally new way to invest called NAOI Dynamic Investing Theory

Dynamic Investing Theory is a remarkably effective approach to investing that replaces traditional "static" methods with new "dynamic" ones that work in modern markets. This is a fundamentally different approach to investing that can either be combined with traditional methods or used to replace them altogether!

The new theory creates Dynamic Investments, a unique investment type that constantly monitors the market and automatically changes its holding(s) in response to current market trends. The goal of these investments is to only buy into markets that are moving up and to avoid or sell markets that are moving down.

This book shows how any individual, regardless of experience level, can implement simple Dynamic Investments on their own, or in conjunction with an advisor, and how each has the potential to earn 20%+ average annual returns in virtually all economic conditions.

It also shows financial organizations how to prepare for and take maximum advantage of this new wave of investing.

Dynamic Investment Application White Papers

The Dynamic Investment Bible book described above teaches you the basics of how to take advantage of Dynamic Investing Theory (DIT) and the use of the Dynamic Investments that it creates. Yet there are an unlimited number of applications of this new approach to investing in the real world of investing. To assist you in taking full advantage of these applications the NAOI will periodically publish DIT application White Papers such as those shown at right.

For example, the use of Dynamic Investments has the power to completely revolutionize the world of 401(k) Plans. And while this application is briefly mentioned in the Dynamic Investment Bible, a more detailed discussion is warranted. To provide this additional material the NAOI will release an Application White Paper on using Dynamic Investments in 401(k) Plans as shown in the list at right. 

Take note of the titles of the White Papers shown at right. They serve a wide variety of audiences from individuals who want a detailed description of how to implement Dynamic Investments using an online broker to how Financial Advisors can take maximum advantage of this new investment type.

DIT Application White Papers will be released periodically by the NAOI and made available in the NAOI online store on this site in either hard copy or PDF format. The NAOI will announce all new releases in this area via the Update Alerts Email List that you can sign up for at the bottom of this and all pages of this site.

Available Soon!

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Investing for Beginners

The NAOI knows that there is a tremendous demand for a clear, concise and simple book on the basics of investing. 

We will provide one each year with the above title followed by a year so that it is constantly up-to-date. Thus, soon we will be releasing the "Investing For Beginners - 2016" study course.

"Beginners" books will contain not only basic information such as an explanation of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, etc but also action items such as calculators, checklists, evaluation forms for both advisors and advisor recommendations along with a list of the most valuable sites on the Web for transforming education into action. 

Since a portion of this information will change on a yearly basis we plan to publish a new Beginners book each year. Join our Alerts Mailing List, at the bottom of this page, to be notified when this book is available.

Available Soon!

The NAOI Individual Investor Certification Program

For over a decade the gold standard of effective investing courses has been the NAOI Individual Investor Certification Program. It consists of 5 separate courses that are shown at right. Thousands of individuals have completed this Program and demand remains high.

The total Program consists of close to 800 pages of easy to read content presented in a multimedia format. The public has told us that they want a hardcopy book to be able to read anywhere and anytime at their leisure. But they also want an online component for each book that gives action oriented tools that will enable them to transform knowledge into action. Thus each book has an online component that can include such resources as printable worksheets and checklists, online calculators, interview forms and continually updated links to the best financial resources on the Web.

This Program can also serve as the starting point for the Customized Education Courses that the NAOI offers to financial organizations as discussed below on this page.

At the time of this writing in early 2016, each Program course is being reviewed, updated and modified to include the most up-to-date material. There is a significant amount of new material that will be introduced for 2016, including the use of Dynamic Investment Theory. Release of an update version is expected in the first quarter of 2016. 

At the time of this writing in early 2016, each Program course is being reviewed, updated and modified to include the most up-to-date material. There is a significant amount of new material that will be introduced for 2016, including the use of Dynamic Investment Theory. Release of an update version is expected in the first quarter of 2016. 

Updated Program Available Soon!

NAOI Focused Investing Courselets

The NAOI Education Research Section is constantly surveying the public to ensure that our education offerings meet their needs. Recently we have seen a tremendous demand to supplement our basic investing courses with education on more focused topics such as Annuities, Reverse Mortgages and other topics that the industry is pushing with great vigor. These are areas in which the potential is high for under-educated people to make very bad decisions The public needs to know both the pros (that they are getting from the sales pitches) and the cons (that they will get from NAOI education) for each of these products.

To meet this need for more focused education the NAOI is creating a series of "Courselets" in the format shown at the right. Each deals with one topic that the public has expressed an interest in learning about. Courselets provide a student with the knowledge and tools to completely understand the topic being covered. In addition most Courselets will include an interview/question sheet created by the NAOI that the student will require the seller to complete and sign! Sellers who refuse should be avoided.

Students of NAOI Courselets may find themselves knowing more about the product in question than the seller!

In addition to new investing "wonder products" there has always existed a need for the public to better understand a variety of focused investing areas that are critical to a secure financial future. NAOI surveys show a remarkable lack of education in such areas as Social Security benefits, Retirement Accounts, How Use the Web to Analyze Investments and more. We will be developing Courselets for each to fill this education void.

Available Soon!


Note: If you are a financial professional we invite you to sponsor and write one of these NAOI Courselets. We will give you the specifications and if accepted you will be given full credit as an NAOI "expert" related to the investing area involved!

Build-Your-Own Study Course

The NAOI Investing Research Division is pioneering an innovative education approach in the form of the "Build Your Own Study Course" product. Many people want comprehensive, general investing education. Others are interested in just those investing topics that affect them. When the NAOI Store is created on this site you will have the option to build your own personalized investing course by combining any of the education products we offer. Just select the areas of interest to you and we will combine them into one Investing Course that is unique to your needs and at a price lower than if you order each Course or Courselet separately.

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