NAOI President and architect of Dynamic Investing Theory, Leland Hevner, is available for speaking engagements. His topic? The Amazing Future of Investing!

Yes, there are dozens of speakers who will talk about the "future of investing". Typically their content deals with economic factors such as increasing deficits, the coming crash of Social Security, actions by the Federal Reserve, world turmoil and market trends. And then there are those who talk about things like robo-advisors and "intelligent portfolios" as being drivers of investing's future. None of this is very exciting and is likely to put a large majority of the audience to sleep.

A Bold, Refreshing Viewpoint 

In contrast, Mr. Hevner's presentation on the future of investing presents a unique and bold vision that is logical, exciting and controversial. He doesn't bore the audience by guessing at economic trends or future market movements. 

He doesn't envision changes that merely "tweak" the way we invest today. Rather, he suggests throwing out much of today's "settled science" portfolio design and management methods and replacing them with updated ones that actually work in modern markets! He will lay out in some detail an investing world dominated by Dynamic Investments and show proof of their superiority in just about every way.

The Productization of Investing

Hevner will even show how the world of investing can be "productized" through the creation of investments and portfolios that are NOT designed based on the risk tolerance of individual investors. Rather they will be designed to take advantage of what the market is doing NOW, not based on guesses of what it will do in the future. The new Dynamic Investment goal will be to capture maximum market returns with minimum risk. Since this is a universal goal that everyone wants to achieve portfolios will no longer need to be customized. They will be the same for everyone and each becomes an off-the-shelf product instead of a customized creation.

"Productization" is the Holy Grail of investing that financial experts have been seeking for decades. They haven't found it. Hevner has. His claims are all supported by scientific method and empirical observations that he can present to an audience. And he likes nothing more than a spirited debate about the legitimacy of his claims.

A Refreshing Viewpoint, An Intriguing Theory

Hevner's views of the future of investing are a breath of fresh air in an industry that has been stuck in the 1950's for decades when Modern Portfolio Theory took over. He claims that the ONLY reason that MPT methods are still used is that they provide the basis for an obscenely profitable business plan for financial organizations who have no incentive to kill this goose-that-laid-the-golden-egg theory.

If you are an investing club, your members will want to hear Hevner's presentation. If you are hosting a panel of experts as a part of a Seminar or Financial Convention, you will want to include Hevner's viewpoints. If you want to stage a debate of any type for any type audience related to the future of investing they will want to hear Hevner present his arguments and poke holes in the views of others with views that are more "industry acceptable." Mr. Hevner's presentations are controversial, intriguing and never boring.

Leland Hevner is an experienced presenter with 15+ years of teaching investing at the college level and many TV and Radio appearances.

Refer to the About Leland Hevner page on this site as well as the NAOI Press Room for more information. Then contact him using the Contact page to book a speaking engagement.