Introducing an Innovative, Dynamic Approach to Investing
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The world of investing is about to change at a fundamental level. The National Association of Online Investors (NAOI) has created and will soon release a new approach to portfolio design, and investing in general, called Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT). This approach sets the logic and rule-set for the creation of a new investment type called NAOI Dynamic Investments (DIs) that are capable of automatically changing the equities they hold based on a periodic sampling of market price trends. By doing, so this ultra-simple investment type is capable of producing returns that far exceed those of MPT portfolios with significantly less risk and no active management involved.

This Web page and the links at the bottom of this page, form a short “presentation” that explains why and how Dynamic Investments will define the future of investing and how both individual investors and financial organizations can take advantage of this knowledge now.

By Invitation Only

The information provided on these Web pages is accessible only by individuals to whom I, Leland Hevner, President of the NAOI, have sent a personal message containing a link to this page - it is not found in the navigation menu of the NAOI site. I have sent invitations to only a select group of financial professionals who I believe are well positioned to take full advantage of a pre-release look at the changes that are soon coming to the investing world. To learn more about what you read here or if you have questions, please contact me personally at or via LinkedIn at your earliest possible convenience. At this point, and for a limited time, an exclusive cooperation is possible.

A World of New Possibilities and Competitive Advantage

breaking the chains of modern portfolio theory

breaking the chains of modern portfolio theory

Finding competitive advantages in today’s crowded investing environment is difficult to say the least. New investment product development is hitting a wall as there exists an ETF or Mutual Fund for virtually every asset / market index possible as well as for many investing strategies. This is pushing new products into ever more narrow areas of the market that are far too risky for the investing public to consider. And other so-called “breakthrough” developments do little more than tweak how we invest today and result in minimal competitive advantage.

Major competitive advantages can only come from “thinking differently”. This is what the NAOI has done by creating a totally new and comprehensive investing approach that is at least a viable alternative to Modern Portfolio Theory, today’s unquestioned standard for portfolio design, and at most a complete replacement. When the chains of MPT are broken, all manner of investing outcomes that are seen by “experts” today as impossible suddenly become real. NAOI Dynamic Investments open the doors to a massive, virgin field of new products, methods and competitive advantages. And those who learn about them first via the Web links listed below, will benefit the most.

Links to the Future of Investing

The links listed below provide a “pre-release” look at how Dynamic Investments work and why / how they will change the way we invest at a fundamental level. I suggest that all visitors read linked-pages 1 through 4 to learn the basics of this new approach and then go to pages of specific interest (e.g. Benefits for ETF Developers, Benefits for Corporate Strategists or A Word to Skeptics) at their discretion. The goal of this information is to provide just a small window into a better future of investing and to invite those who are interested in more details to contact me directly at

How to Navigate the Presentation

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1. Introductions and the Need for Change

2. The Discovery of Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT)

3. Introducing NAOI Dynamic Investments (DIs)

4. The Rise of Dynamic Portfolios

—————————— Target Area Benefits of Using Dynamic Investments

5. A Superior Default 401(k) Investment

6. For Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Developers and Sellers

7. For Portfolio Developers and Asset Managers

8. For Financial Advisors and Planners (

9. For Online Brokers

10. For Index Creators and Managers

11. For Corporate Strategists

—————————— General Benefits of the Use of Dynamic Investments

12. Benefits for the Entire Financial Services Industry

13. Benefits for All Investors

14. The Great “Power Shift”

—————————— Too Good to be True ?

15. A Word to Skeptics

—————————— How to Enter the Future of Investing NOW

16. Working with the NAOI

"the future of investing starts here" is a registered service mark of the National association of online investors

"the future of investing starts here" is a registered service mark of the National association of online investors