DIT and DIs were designed to meet the needs of the investing public as listed on Slide 02 of this presentation. Organizations that offer this new approach and revolutionary investment type will capture a massive market that is now either not in the market or, if they are, are investing too conservatively. Advisors and Financial Organizations that dismiss this new way of investing will struggle in the future of investing.

Three Reasons Why Dynamic Investments Cannot Be Ignored

  1. Demand. The NAOI is teaching Dynamic Investment Theory to the public via the book shown below at left. In addition we are initiating an extensive marketing and PR effort to make them aware of the power of this new approach to investing. When the public learns about the simplicity, high performance and low risk of Dynamic Investments, they will demand them. Financial organizations that offer DIs will meet this demand and thrive. Those that don't will find themselves at a tremendous competitive disadvantage.

  2. Competition. When even one major Financial Organization begins offering DIs, all others will be forced to do the same in order to compete.

  3. Do It Yourself Investors. Dynamic Investments are so easy to understand, implement and manage that individual investors will be able to easily do so on their own using an online broker; bypassing financial advisors completely. Thus, if they can't find an advisor or an organization that offers DIs they have the DIY option.

Many in the financial industry are happy with the way investing works today. After all, the status quo is making them rich. But the investing public will have the final say in this matter. And their message will be "embrace and offer Dynamic Investments or we will either find an organization that does or invest on our own using an online broker if we must."

Joining the Dynamic Investment Revolution

When the market becomes aware of DIs, change in the financial services industry will not be optional. Fortunately it is not financial organizations will not find it difficult to join the Dynamic Investment revolution. The book below, at right, can get them started and then an NAOI consulting agreement or partnership will show them how to integrate DIs into their offerings immediately and by doing so capture market share and increase revenues substantially.

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