Advisors and Financial Organizations that understand the power and potential of Dynamic Investments will own a massive competitive advantage in the future of investing. The NAOI offers multiple levels of support that enable sellers of investing products / services to take full advantage of the exciting new approach to investing. They are described on this page.

Dynamic Investment Education Seminars

The NAOI offers DI Education Seminars that teach Advisors / Financial Organizations what Dynamic Investments are, how they work, why they work and the impact they will have on the future of investing. And participants will learn how DIs can used to generate new business and new revenue streams without disrupting current operations.

Typically conducted at a client’s offices, an NAOI DI Education Seminar can also be customized to meet any organization’s specific needs.

Dynamic Investment Product Catalog

The NAOI has designed several simple, high-performance Dynamic Investments and Dynamic Portfolios. These are investing “products” that advisors and portfolio designers can place immediately in their product offerings. An NAOI Dynamic Investment “Catalog” is a part of our Education Seminar offering.

Dynamic Investment Training Classes

Following are examples of Dynamic Investment training classes offered by the NAOI:

  • Dynamic Investment Design, Creation and Management Class

  • Dynamic Portfolio Strategy and Design Class

  • Strategies for integrating DIs into an existing product line without disrupting current operations

  • Proven methods for marketing and selling Dynamic Investments to both public and institutional investors

  • Customized training classes as defined by our client

Classes are conducted for groups at our client’s offices. These will be interactive sessions that allow for questions and answers.

Dynamic Investment Customized Consulting

NAOI DI consulting services are tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs and goals. Through the use of Dynamic Investments, we can show any Advisor or Financial Organization how to:

  • Gain competitive advantage in a crowded field

  • Increase existing revenue streams and capture market share

  • Open new revenue streams without disrupting current operations

  • Expand investment product lines virtually overnight by combining existing products into the Dynamic Investment structure

  • Reach new markets that existing products can’t reach

  • Create a Strategic Plan that includes innovations that will ensure success well into the future

…… and more. The ROI of entering into an NAOI consulting contract will be off the charts.

NAOI Partnerships

An NAOI Partnership enables organizations to work directly with the NAOI to develop new Dynamic Investments, Dynamic Portfolios, DI applications and profitable strategies. For a limited time period we can discuss doing so on an exclusive basis. Here are several of the partnership types that we offer:

Education Partnerships

As the market’s premier creator of investor education products, the NAOI can create a customized education component that will add significant value to your existing or planned products / services. This offering is NOT limited to Dynamic Investments.

Dynamic Investment Partnerships

The field of Dynamic Investment Research and Development is massive and unexplored. The NAOI is offering to work with organizations to develop new DIT-based products that will be the property of our partner. We can also help organizations set up a DI development platform based on our 5+ years of experience doing just that.

Marketing Partnerships

The NAOI has a sterling reputation in the market as an objective and respected advocate for the individual investor. An NAOI “recommendation” for your product / service and a link on our Web site to yours has significant value. Of course your product / service will first be vetted by NAOI specialists. If we see any improvements that need to be made before we recommend your offering, we will work with you to implement them.

Development Partnerships

DIT is not the end of the evolution of investing, it is just the start. The NAOI is constantly searching for new, and better, ways to invest based on “thinking differently”. We can be a valuable component in any organization’s strategic development and planning team as a consultant, an advisor or as a partner.

Other ……

Contact NAOI President, Leland Hevner, directly with questions or to obtain information related to any of the valuable programs discussed above at Or recommend other forms of cooperation where you see an opportunity to work together.

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