In order to meet the NAOI goal of empowering investors, it is not sufficient to just create a new approach to investing as the NAOI has done with Dynamic Investment Theory. It is equally important that such a development be accompanied with first-class education that enables people and organizations to use it. The NAOI as done just that with "The Dynamic Investment Bible" book that can be purchased from the Store on this site (available soon).

This page discusses the book and related support resources that the NAOI has created to enable both individual investors and financial organizations to take full advantage of Dynamic Investment Theory and the Dynamic Investments that it creates. 

The Dynamic Investment Bible

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As indicated by its title, this book is the primary resource for learning Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT) and Dynamic Investments (DIs). Consisting of 12 chapters and over 200 pages of material, people who finish this book will understand not only why and how DIT was created but also how to use simple DIs to significantly improve the performance of their investment portfolios.

One of the goals that the public gave to us when searching for a new approach to investing was that it be simple enough for individuals to use without the assistance of financial advisors if they so choose. The NAOI has met this goal. People of all investing experience levels will be able to implement and manage simple, but powerful, Dynamic Investments immediately after finishing the book. No prior investing knowledge is required to take full advantage of this revolutionary, dynamic approach to investing. 

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This book does discuss investing theory in an easy to read manner. Such discussions are presented primarily to assure you that DIT is a truly new and valid approach to investing as opposed to some type of "trading system" or marketing pitch. You will read that DIT is built on a solid foundation of scientific method, empirical observations and proven performance. This is a theory that was developed over the course of 5+ years of research. In this book you will that this level of effort was required to replace traditional investing methods that are taught today as "settled science" in a world of investing that has stagnated for decades.

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The Author

Leland Hevner, the book's author and the chief architect of Dynamic Investment Theory, is well qualified to write a book such as this. As President of the National Association of Online Investors (NAOI), he has been teaching individuals to invest since 1997. He has written close to a dozen investing books, including "The Perfect Portfolio", a best-selling book published by John Wiley & Sons Publishers in 2009. He has also created numerous investing course curricula that he has taught at the college level for over a decade. Mr. Hevner is also certified by FINRA as an Investment Advisor. Click on the back cover at right to learn more about the author.

Book Release Information

The Dynamic Investment Bible is currently available for purchase in the NAOI Store on this site.

The Dynamic Investment Bible Home Site

Following the release of the DI Bible in early July, interest in its content was so overwhelming by both individuals and the financial services industry that the NAOI decided to build a site dedicated to the book alone. You will find it here:

Go their for even more information related to this revolutionary book! You will be directed back to this site to purchase it.

Dynamic Investment Application White Papers

The Dynamic Investment Bible gives readers a comprehensive understanding of Dynamic Investment Theory and Dynamic Investments. It also shows readers how they can use simple, but powerful, Dynamic Investments immediately upon finishing the last chapter. Yet there are an unlimited number of applications of this new approach in the real world of investing. The book cannot possibly describe them all. For this reason the NAOI will periodically release Application White Papers that address a full spectrum of Dynamic Investment developments and applications. For example one NAOI White Paper will show in detail how Dynamic Investments can revolutionize the world of 401(k) Plans.

Dynamic Investment White Papers will assume that the reader has finished The Dynamic Investment Bible. As a result, they will typically consist of fewer than 20 pages. Each will be made available in the Online Store on this Web site in either hardcopy or PDF format.

The NAOI is constantly developing, improving and expanding the applications of Dynamic Investments . NAOI White Papers are the vehicle that we will use to communicate these new developments to both individual investors and to the financial services industry.

Dynamic Investment Application Report Examples

The slide show at right shows example Dynamic Investing White Papers that are currently being written by the NAOI. A brief description of one is presented below.

Dynamic 401(k) Plans

One area in which Dynamic Investments will have the greatest impact is the 401(k) Retirement Plan industry. This is the area where a large majority of the working the public comes face-to-face with the world of investing. Unfortunately 401(k) Plan providers are not doing a good job of meeting the wants and needs of the public. NAOI surveys show us that many, if not most, of Plan participants are entirely dependent on the recommendations of advisors. They are dangerously under-educated and often don't even know what they own in the Plans. And virtually all hold portfolios designed using the increasingly outdated Modern Portfolio Theory.

Dynamic Investments can solve much of what is wrong with 401(k) Plans today. As you have read on this site, DIs are simple, produce exceptional returns with low risk, have very low management expenses and they are totally crash-proof. In addition they are so simple that the education required to use them is minimal.

The NAOI 401(k) White Paper discusses the problems that 401(k) participants face today and how the use of Dynamic Investments solve them and by doing so can completely revolutionize this multi-billion dollar industry.

Additional DIT Education Resources

In addition to The Dynamic Investment Bible and related White Papers, the NAOI also provides a variety of in-person, interactive DIT support resources. Among them are the following. More information on these and other resources is found on the Products page of this site.

DIT Seminars

The NAOI offers on-site DIT Seminars to financial organizations that wish to gain an in-depth understanding of this investing approach of the future. All Seminars are conducted by NAOI President and DIT architect Leland Hevner.

Training Classes

The NAOI offers a serious of Training Classes that teach financial professionals how to work with Dynamic Investments. One is a class that teaches developers how to create DIs starting with a goal and ending with a DI product that can be used or licensed to other venders. This class can be either taught on-site at the organizations offices or at our facilities in Tampa, Florida.


The NAOI is prepared to work with any advisor or financial organization to seamlessly integrate Dynamic Investments into their product offerings. As part of a consulting engagement the NAOI will provide customized advice and a detailed plan that will enable any organization to take full advantage of Dynamic Investments without disrupting current revenue streams.

Speaking Engagements

NAOI President and DIT developer Leland Hevner is available to give presentations on how the future of investing will look with the introduction of Dynamic Investments. He is fully prepared to not only give a tremendously interesting and provocative presentation, but also to vigorously debate and defend his views. It is fair to say that many in the financially establishment will disagree with him on his vision of the future of investing and this is what makes a speaking engagement with Mr. Hevner not only entertaining but fun!

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