An Excellent Chart of the Stock Market

When I find a helpful site on the Web I will point it out to you on this blog.

One of my favorite sites shows the price of the DOW Industrial Average (and index of the 30 biggest corporations in America) for 100 years. Created by Macrotrends, this is a chart that all investors should be familiar with. 

I have used this chart on this site in the Investing Research page. But you should play with it on your own to get a feel for how the market has radically changed in the last two decades. Not especially the cyclical nature of the stock market. It is this fact that makes NAOI Dynamic Investing Theory work.

You can find this chart by clicking here. Here is a snapshot of the market since 1950: Note how you can change the period shown for the chart by moving with your mouse the buttons at the top.

This is the first Web site in an exceptional investing toolkit that I will show you how to build periodically on this blog.