Welcome to Leland Hevner's Blog

This is the first post on my new investing blog. I will use it to explain the type of information that I will post here.

From 25 years of experience as an individual investor, a teacher of investing and a writer of multiple investing books I know that the world of investing is a chaotic mess. We are bombarded on a daily basis with economic data, market analysis, forecasts, expert opinions and investing recommendations. In my opinion 99.99% of this information should be ignored by individual investors. We must understand that much of this data dump comes from people trying to sell you something and the rest comes from the financial media that goes out of business if they are not reporting something / anything. Yet occasionally something significant is reported that is actionable. When I see that rare instance I will make mention of it on this blog.

So, here are the general areas that I will post about on this blog:

  1. When I see interesting, relevant and/or actionable investing news I will post it here with my comments and a Web link if applicable.
  2. When I see a new product or service arrive on the market that I think is valuable to the public I will comment on it here with a link where you can learn more.
  3. When a new product or development is released by the NAOI and made available on this Web site I will discuss it with you here.
  4. Every investor needs to have an Investing Toolkit of Web sites that they use over and over as they navigate through the world of investing. Periodically I will show you mine starting with Post 2 of this Blog. Over time I will reveal my favorite and most useful investing sites on the Web. Check back often to build your investing toolkit.

I won't post here every day and perhaps not more than once per week. There is just not that much actionable news out there. But I suggest that you visit this Bog page regularly and perhaps even bookmark it to see what is new. 

Trust me, I won't waste my time or yours time by posting the non-stop ramblings of investing "experts". They are mostly a complete waste of time. If I post something here, it is important.