This site describes a new approach to investing in the form of Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT) and the Dynamic Investments (DIs) that the theory creates. By introducing DIT our purpose is to give both investors and the financial services industry an alternative to Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) that is simpler, automatic and provides higher returns with less risk.


The NAOI understands that a change of this magnitude will not be accepted easily by a financial organizations having business models dependent on the sales of MPT-based portfolios. But as the NAOI makes the investing public and institutional investors aware of the extraordinary benefits of using DIT and Dynamic Investments, demand for them will grow. And this, more than any other factor, will force the financial industry to change.

The industry should not be afraid of this change. The higher returns and lower risk of DIT-based investments will bring thousands, if not millions of new clients into the market. They will create significant new revenue streams for financial organizations that offer this simple new approach.

But just how and why does NAOI have the power to effect such a significant change in how investing works? Our experience, knowledge, resources, corporate structure and willingness to ‘think differently” are the components of the NAOI value proposition that answers the question: “Why the NAOI?”

The NAOI Credibility Factor

The NAOI is perfectly structured and positioned to show the world that Dynamic Investments are superior products. We have worked closely with the investing public for over 20 years via our Education Division. DIT and DIs were designed based on a massive amount market research related to what the investing public wants and needs to invest with confidence and without fear. The public knows that the NAOI is objective. credible and capable of creating a better approach to investing.

The Ability to Reach Interested Parties - The Awareness Factor

The NAOI understands that key to acceptance of DIT is making the investing world, both buyers and sellers, aware that this alternative approach exists. We are prepared to do so via the following methods.

  • National Recognition - Leland Hevner is a recognized expert on investor empowerment and has been for close to 20 years. He has appeared multiple times on national TV channels and contributed to major financial publications to discuss a wide variety of investing topics. See Hevner’s profile at this link.

  • Media Contacts - Over the past two decades Hevner has developed a “Rolodex” of over 100 media contacts who have asked him to alert them to new ideas and developments in the investing world.

  • Industry Contacts - The NAOI has a direct connection with over 2000 investing professionals who have shown interest in the output from both our Education our Research Divisions.

  • Published Articles - The NAOI reaches thousands of interested parties in the industry via frequent postings on Web sites such as LinkedIn, SeekingAlpha, NASDAQ and others

  • NAOI Students and Members - The NAOI has access to thousands of individual investors who are NAOI members and/or students. We are currently letting then know that DIT and DIs are coming - and they are excited.

  • Social Media Presence - The NAOI will use both Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about the benefits of DIT and DIs.

Soon the NAOI will begin a PR campaign announcing the introduction of Dynamic Investment Theory and Dynamic Investments. Once the public understands how this new approach works they will demand it from their advisors. If their advisor doesn’t provide it, they will find an advisor that will. If they can’t find any that provide it, they will be able to implement DIs and DI portfolios on their own using an online broker. It really is that simple.


For any new approach to be accepted, it must be understood. Again, the NAOI is perfectly positioned to meet this need. The Education Division of the NAOI will include Dynamic Investments in the NAOI Individual Investor Certification Program and create new courses dedicated to DIT and the use of DI’s. The NAOI Publishing Division will also soon release the books / courses shown at the bottom of this page. In addition, the NAOI Research Division will create a catalog of optimized Dynamic Investments that students can implement either in conjunction with an Advisor or on their own using an online broker.


Via our NAOI Consulting Division we will show financial organizations how the introduction of Dynamic Investments will enable them to create investments and portfolios that are far superior to the ones they produce today. We will also show them how to integrate DIs into their strategic planning in a manner that opens up significant new revenue streams without disrupting existing ones. NAOI Consulting is customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. In essence, we teach financial organizations how to sell what we teach investors to buy. The ROI of NAOI consulting will be off the charts.


The NAOI will be seeking partnerships to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of Dynamic Investments. We will be working with academic institutions of include this new approach to investing in their finance curricula. And we will be seeking to will be working with a variety of financial organizations in ongoing research to develop new DIT methods, DI designs and applications.


The books shown below are currently being written to educate both the public and the financial industry on how DIT and DIs work. The NAOI Publication Division is tasked with writing and offering the publication shown at left below on Amazon and other online bookstores. The book for professionals, shown at right, will be sold in the NAOI Store on this site. When sufficient sales are reached, they will be offered to major publishers. Leland Hevner is already a Wiley author as discussed on his profile page.

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Update Newsletter

The NAOI will periodically publish a newsletter that informs individuals and organizations that join our mailing list of new DIT and DI developments.


Unlike most companies who create new investing products that eventually “die on the vine” for lack of exposure, the NAOI is perfectly positioned to reach both investment buyers and sellers with the credibility needed to command the attention of both.