The field of investing today is crowded and competitive advantage is very difficult to find. Only financial organizations that offer products or services that are fundamentally different and better than current offerings will rise above the competition. NAOI Dynamic Investments provide just that. Below are a few benefits that will give financial advisors and organizations massive competitive advantage in the future of investing.

Superior Investing Products

As you have learned in this presentation, Dynamic Investments use an innovative approach to create superior investing products that:

  • Are easy for the investing public to understand, giving them the confidence buy

  • Produce higher returns with less risk than MPT portfolios - and by a significant margin

  • Provide investors with absolute market crash protection

Feedback from NAOI students who have learned about DIs tells us that organizations offering them will have the competitive edge needed to attract their business and, by extension, the business of a significant segment of the market.

A Non-Disruptive, Performance Enhancing Change

The use of DIs is not an all-or-nothing proposition. As discussed on Slide 06, DIs can be easily added as a building block to traditional MPT portfolios. By doing so they add both time-diversification and method-diversification to the investment, each of which not only reduces portfolio risk but also enhance portfolio returns.

Simpler Portfolio Design

Using MPT methods, portfolio design today is rife with subjective human judgments and prone to errors. Trying to identify equities capable of providing consistently positive returns in a buy-and-hold portfolio is an extremely difficult task. Using DIT methods, portfolio design is much easier and more profitable. As you know by reading this presentation, a portfolio designer using Dynamic Investments simply identifies groups of equity purchase candidates to place in the DI’s Dynamic ETF Pool (DEP). The “market” then selects which to buy at regularly scheduled Review events as discussed on Slide 04. Thus, DIs greatly simplify and shorten the portfolio design process while producing significantly higher results.

Simpler Portfolio Management

Dynamic Investments are “smart”. They have the built-in intelligence to automatically change the equities they hold based on a periodic sampling of market trends. In other words, DIs manage themselves. MPT provides no guidance on how or when to change a portfolio’s holdings. As a result the use of DIs enables advisors to devote more time to other components of wealth management as discussed next.

More Time for Financial Planning

By simplifying both the portfolio design and management process, advisors free up time to concentrate on other areas of wealth management such as financial planning - an area where individuals desperately need help that they are not getting today. Combining substantial financial planning services with investing advice will give the financial advisor that uses DIs a significant competitive advantage.

New Areas of Research and Development

Dynamic Investments are a revolutionary investment type that does not exist in the market today. As such, they open a vast and virgin field of new product development. While ETF and mutual fund research is rapidly running out of new ideas, the field of DIT R&D offers unlimited new product opportunities. And it is possible that new DI designs can become proprietary assets of the developer much like indexes are today.

Revenue Generation from Dynamic Investment Support Resources

The introduction of Dynamic Investments opens opportunities for financial organizations to generate significant revenues by joining the NAOI in developing the following DI support capabilities:

  • Automating the DI Review and Trading process as discussed on Slide 04 - this would be of particular interest to online brokers who will profit from the increased number of self-directed investors that DIs enable

  • Creating ETFs that encapsulate the DI management process - with the goal of automating the DI management process and eliminating the short-term capital gain tax issues related to DI trading

  • Creating a Dynamic Investment development platform in conjunction with the NAOI that financial organizations will pay to use to develop their own proprietary DIs.

Dynamic Investments can be Used TODAY!

And finally, a massive advantage of Dynamic Investments is that they can be used, and their benefits realized, immediately by any individual or organization that takes advantage of NAOI Support Offerings as discussed on Slide 12.

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