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The Dynamic Investment Bible

Publisher: National Association of Online Investors (NAOI), Lutz / Tampa, Florida, USA
Publish Date: June, 2016
Copyright: Leland Hevner, 2016
Pages: 212
Format: 8.5" x 11.0" Comb-Bound, Hard-copy Book
Price: $249 (free priority shipping in US and to Canada)

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The Dynamic Investment Bible is more than an investing “book” that you will find for $19.95 on Amazon. It is more accurately described as a Research Report commissioned by the National Association of Online Investors to find, develop and productize a new and better approach to investing than the outdated methods individuals are forced to deal with today. It presents the results of 5+ years of research by author, Leland Hevner, and his findings have stunning implications for all aspects of investing. Financial organizations have paid thousands of dollars for studies that provide far less important and actionable information than you will find here. 

In this book you will read that the author found the "better" approach to investing that he was searching for in the form of Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT). This is the first new fundamental theory of investing to be introduced since 1952 when Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) was declared to be the standard approach for portfolio design and investing in general. DIT does not simply modify MPT; it replaces it!

You will learn in these pages that the DIT approach creates a new investment type called Dynamic Investments or DIs for short. DIs periodically change the investment(s) they hold based on empirical observations of market movements. They strive to buy only equities in markets or assets that are moving up in price while avoiding, or selling, equities in areas of the market that are moving down in price. And trades are signaled automatically without the corrosive influence of subjective human judgments. Because of this you will be able to create, implement and manage powerful DIs on your own immediately upon finishing the last chapter.

Readers will see how Dynamic Investments can produce returns that today's "experts" will say are impossible . The author shows how the simplest possible NAOI "Core" DI earned average returns of +24% per year during the period from 2007 through June of 2016, a period during which the stock market was earning an average of just +6.4% per year and MPT portfolios weren't doing much better! 

Hevner's extensive research showed that at all times there exist in the equities market asset types, markets and/or market segments that are trending up in price. He found that MPT-based portfolios, using asset-allocation techniques and a buy-and-hold management strategy, were not capable of capturing this positive returns potential. In fact he found just the opposite - current investing methods were putting the savings of average people at great risk by completely ignoring market movements. He discovered through empirical observations, analysis using scientific methods and testing that a "dynamic" investment designed to periodically sample market conditions and make trades based on the data collected can capture this positive potential and produce returns that far exceed returns of any MPT portfolio in existence today. In The Dynamic Investment Bible the author gives you the keys to capturing the positive returns potential that equities markets offer in any and all economic conditions.

The Dynamic Investment Bible is not just another book on how to invest. It is a detailed blueprint for the design of a better Future of Investing; one that is a far simpler, with higher returns and less risk, than the investing world we are forced to deal with today. When you finish this book,  perhaps for the first time in your investing career, you will be confident that you can take more personal control of your portfolio and reach financial goals that you really want to achieve in life. And you can simply ignore the financial "experts" who will tell you that the financial goals of your dreams are not possible.

A Free Preview

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Who Should Read This Book?

Individual Investors – If you are a person with money to invest, regardless of the amount, you must read this book. It shows that much of what you have been taught about how to invest is either wrong or dangerously obsolete. And it shows that the MPT-based portfolio you probably hold today can be putting your financial future at great risk. In The Dynamic Investment Bible you will learn how to take more personal control of your portfolio using simple Dynamic Investments that are easy to understand, implement and manage – with or without the help of an advisor. You will read how DIs can produce returns that are far higher than today’s “experts” will tell you are possible with far less risk. And perhaps for the first time in your investing career you will feel both confident and optimistic when interacting with the world of investing.

Financial Organizations – If you are a member of the financial services industry, reading this book is not optional. When the public becomes aware of the simplicity and power of Dynamic Investments they will demand them. Millions of people and billions of dollars are currently sitting on the market sidelines in fear after losing a large portion of their savings during the 2008 crash. Since then, nothing has convinced them that this won’t happen again. The types of portfolios recommend to the public today are the same as offered by advisors in 2007, before the crash.

As long as no new portfolio design ideas surface, people will remain out of the market. When the industry begins offering Dynamic Investments that not only produce higher returns with lower risk but also provide absolute protection from market crashes, these people will return to the market in droves. Financial organizations that include DIs in their product line will capture this massive market along with the new revenue streams it brings. Those that don’t offer DIs will miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture market share and may not recover. Making available copies of The Dynamic Investment Bible is to corporate decision makers is the first step a financial organization of any type must take to to take full advantage of the changes that are coming to the world of investing and coming fast!. 

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