The world of investing today does not work today for the public. It is a world so complex and dysfunctional that individual investors are forced to entrust their financial futures to professional advisors for both education and guidance. Then they simply buy the investments that are recommended to them without question.

Nowhere have average people with money to invest been trained to analyze the financial advice given to them. As a result, far too often people end up owning portfolios with mediocre returns, high risk and excessive expenses. In today's world of investing virtually all of the power rests with the financial services industry while the individual investor has none. This needs to change. The power of investing must shift from financial "experts" to the investing public. The NAOI is making this happen.

The NAOI Investing Solution: Two Areas of Mission Focus

To meet our the goals of our mission, the NAOI focuses on two audiences as follows:

Individual Investors

Our mission here has two components. First we create and provide the education needed to make individuals smarter, more confident and more effective investors. Second we research and develop new investing methods and investment types that make the world of investing simpler. By combining investor education with investing innovation the NAOI is enabling individuals to decrease their dependence on investing "experts," and to earn significantly higher investment returns with less risk.

Financial Advisors and Organizations

Our mission in this area is to provide to the financial services industry innovative investing methods and investment types that will not only empower individual investors but also enable financial organizations to attract more clients and increase their revenue streams. We are meeting this goal through our Research and Development division and via our consulting services.

Dynamic Investing Empowers Investors

Our most recent release is Dynamic Investment Theory - a viable alternative to Modern Portfolio Theory that works far better in modern dynamic markets. It creates a new investment type called Dynamic Investments that have the built-in intelligence to automatically change the ETFs they hold based on a periodic sampling of market trends. You will learn about both on this site by clicking the above links and by reading the book referenced just below.

The Amazing Future of Investing Book

Dynamic Investment Theory and Dynamic Investments are fully discussed in The Amazing Future of Investing book that can be purchased in the NAOI Store.

Your guide to simple, high performance investing

Your guide to simple, high performance investing


Bringing Fundamental Change to the World of Investing

Our two-fold mission statement is aimed at improving how investing works for BOTH individual investors and for financial professionals that exist to serve them. And by doing so, the NAOI ushers in a far friendlier and more profitable world of investing than the one that exists today!

the NAOI is ushering in a simpler, more profitable era of investing

the NAOI is ushering in a simpler, more profitable era of investing