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The National Association of Online Investors is uniquely positioned to provide more than just products to the investing world, we provide total investing solutions. We have a world-class research division that develops new products. But we also have a world-class education division that teaches individuals and organizations how to use them. At this link you learned about Dynamic Investments This page shows the Dynamic Investing support system of education and consulting that enables financial organizations to take maximum advantage of this new approach to investing.

NAOI Seminars

Following are titles for Seminars that are currently available. Seminars can be held on-site at the offices of financial organizations or at NAOI facilities in Tampa, Florida.

Introduction to Dynamic Investment Theory

This Seminar provides an in-depth understanding of Dynamic Investment Theory. Attendees will learn why and how it was developed as an alternative to Modern Portfolio Theory, the standard for portfolio design today. Attendees will learn how Dynamic Investments (DIs) can produce returns that are far higher than traditional, MPT asset-allocation portfolios with less risk and little to no human involvement in the portfolio management process. The NAOI will show how DIs have the potential to change the future of investing and why the financial industry needs to prepare for this change now.

The Productization of Investing

Dynamic Investments will dramatically change how things work in the future of investing. Because DIs have a universal goal of capturing the positive returns that exist in any economic condition with low risk, they can be seen as investing "products". This has the amazing result that the need of portfolios customized for each individual's risk profile goes away. In the future investing products will be bought off-the-shelf and the same investing product will be available from multiple companies. When the world of investing becomes "productized" everything changes and financial organizations / advisors need to understand how to take advantage of this transformation. The productization of investing is seen as the Holy Grail of the investing industry. Experts have been trying to find it for decades. They haven't been successful. The NAOI has. Attendees of this Seminar will understand how to take full advantage of this step forward in the evolution of investing.

Meeting the Needs of the Investing Public

The NAOI has worked with the investing public for close to two decades. We know their wants and needs when it comes to investing. Unfortunately few if any financial organizations today are meeting these needs. As a result a major confidence gap has developed between the financial industry and the investing public. A massive competitive advantage can be gained by the organization who understands this unfulfilled public demand. In this Seminar, Hevner will show attendees how to meet the needs of the public by offering both a first class education program and the use of Dynamic Investments. And he will show how to integrate these two elements into a company's strategic plan without disruption to current operations.

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NAOI Dynamic Investment Training Classes

Dynamic Investments are the future of investing. Financial organizations that develop and include them in their product line now will gain a massive competitive advantage and be able to shape how the public invests for the foreseeable future. The NAOI currently offers to Training Classes that will enable organizations to not only participate in this investing revolution but to lead it. NAOI Classes differ from Seminars in that they require active participation of each student in the learning process. These are intense training sessions and each student will leave with a new and valuable skill set that will be a major asset to their companies. As with Seminars, these Classes can be held on-site at a company's facilities or at NAOI facilities in Tampa, Florida.


Here are the NAOI Training Classes that are currently offered:

Dynamic Investment Design and Creation

Hopefully you have read on this site what Dynamic Investments are. If not click the link to learn about them now. Dynamic Investments (DIs) are a totally new and unique investment type that open a vast world of opportunities to those that learn how to design and develop them. The purpose of this Class is to teach students the art and science of DI design. DI's are simple in concept but designing optimal DIs that provide the highest returns with the lowest risk requires a skill set that can only be learned by the creators of this new investment type. Students who complete this course will be able to design unique Dynamic Investments that can become the proprietary property of their organization. As such they can not only be included in a company's product line but also licensed to other companies in the same manner as market indexes are today. If employees of your competitors take this class and yours do not, your organization will be at a significant competitive disadvantage as investing evolves.

Unleashing the Power of Your ETF Product Line

This NAOI Class teaches employees of organizations who have ETF product lines how to unleash value that is currently not being realized. An understanding of how Dynamic Investments work can enable them to increase the value of their ETF product line exponentially. This is done by simply combining the ETFs currently offered into the Dynamic Investment structure. By doing so, new, dynamic ETF products are formed that can produce returns that are significantly higher than any of their component ETFs, And ETFs that now have little volume because of their volatility will become far more valuable to the public and to your organization than they are today. This Class expands on the discussion present on this section of the site: ETF Power - Unleashing the Power of ETFs. Read this page and schedule this Class. There can be no action that your organization takes that will have a greater return on investment.

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To schedule either Seminars or Classes please contact us using the information on the Contact page of this site.