Release of "The Dynamic Investment Bible"

I'm pleased to announce that on July 6, the NAOI released "The Dynamic Investment Bible." This book / report is the result of 5+ years of research dedicated to finding a better approach to investing than we are forced to deal with today. You can read all about it and purchase it in the NAOI Store.

I found the "better approach to investing" that I was looking for in Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT). This theory recognizes that in all economic conditions there are asset types, markets and market segments that are trending up in price. DIT creates Dynamic Investments (DIs) that periodically sample market conditions looking for these uptrends and buying only equities that are moving up in price while selling, or avoiding, equities that are moving down. By doing so, DIs can consistently earn annual returns that exceed 20% and without exceptional risk.

But you can read all about DIs in the Store and elsewhere on this site. What I want to emphasize in this blog post is that Dynamic Investments automatically signal trades based on objective observations of market movements and not on subjective judgments of self-proclaimed "experts". By doing so the Dynamic Investment approach cleanses the investing world of all manner of bad things such as analysis based on erroneous data, sales biased recommendations, investing scams, fraud an all types of investor abuse. DIs simply look at what various markets have done in the past and are doing in the present. Then, based on these observations, projects what these markets will do in the next three months to make trade decisions. The market is ALWAYS smarter than the "experts"!

This new approach to investing is why I don'f fill this blog on a frequent basis with my thoughts, opinions and guesses related to future market movements - and then provide recommendations on what to buy. Doing so is a fool's errand. No one knows what the market will do in the future. Those that try are just guessing and history has shown that such guesses are more often wrong than right. Only past and current market movements can predict the future with any degree of accuracy. And that's what Dynamic Investments do.

So, I will limit my posts in this blog to other topics related to investing and financial matters that I believe will be of help to the general public. As you can see in previous posts this can consist of telling you about new Web resources that can be valuable to your investing efforts, discussions related to how to analyze and interact with an advisor, what to watch out for in areas such as 401k roll-overs and similar subjects. What I will NOT do is give you investment recommendations. To get those, read The Dynamic Investment Bible and create a Dynamic Investment that will tell you all you need to know about what to buy and sell.