The Effects of Dynamic Investments will ripple throughout the investing world

The Effects of Dynamic Investments will ripple throughout the investing world

And there are others. The entire financial services industry is about to undergo fundamental change. Those organization that recognize this fact will have a massive competitive advantage.

Why Dynamic Investments Cannot Be Ignored

  1. Demand. The NAOI is teaching Dynamic Investment Theory to the public via the above described book, extensive market efforts and our investor education courses. When the public learns about the simplicity, high performance and low risk of Dynamic Investments, they will demand them. Financial organizations that offer DIs will meet this demand and thrive. Those that don't will find themselves at a tremendous competitive disadvantage.

  2. Competition. When even one major financial organization begins offering DIs, all others will be forced to do the same in order to compete.

  3. Do It Yourself Investors. Dynamic Investments are so easy to understand, implement and manage that individual investors will be able to do so on their own using an online broker; bypassing financial advisors completely. Thus, if they can't find an advisor or organization that offers DIs they have the DIY option.

Many in the financial industry are happy with the way investing works today. After all, the status quo is making them rich. But the investing public will have the final say in this matter. And their message will be "embrace and offer Dynamic Investments or we will either find an organization that does or invest on our own using an online broker if we must." When the market becomes aware of DIs, change in the financial services industry will not be optional.

Opportunities and Action Items

Unprecedented opportunities abound in the extremely rare instance where the field of investing makes an evolutionary leap forward. To take full advantage of these opportunities the:

  • Consider having the NAOI conduct a DIT introductory Education Seminar at your facilities

  • Consider an NAOI Consulting Contract or Advisory Agreement that will show how Dynamic Investments can be integrated into your products/services in order to gain massive competitive advantage

  • Consider an NAOI Research Partnership that enables you to work with the NAOI to continue the development of DIT

  • Join our NAOI Updates Email List at the bottom of this page. We are releasing new DIT-related Product Developments, Dynamic Investments and DI Applications at a rapid rate. Joining our opt-in list enables you to be among the first to be learn about them

To discuss any of these action items or for any other question please contact me directly at or via LinkedIn. At this early stage, an exclusive arrangement is possible.

A new, better era of investing is about to begin

A new, better era of investing is about to begin

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