The introduction of Dynamic Investments into the financial world will have a profound effect on the way investing works today. Virtually every area of this field will be affected and improved.

Dynamic investment white papers focus on your area of investing

Dynamic investment white papers focus on your area of investing

You will learn what Dynamic Investments are and how they work in the Amazing Future of Investing book that can be purchased in the NAOI Store. But we also want to dive deeper into how DIs will be used in specific areas of the financial services industry. For this purpose we have created a series of White Papers that show in more detail how DIs will improve the work-product for a variety of financial professionals. 

These White Papers are available for free to purchasers of the Amazing Future of Investing Book - one per requestor. To obtain one that fits your job-type contact NAOI President, Leland Hevner, at and indicate which White Paper you would like. We will check to make sure you are a book owner and then give you a link and a password to a page where you can download a PDF of the White Paper you have requested. If you don't see your job listed, let Hevner know and we will consider creating one!

List of Dynamic Investment Application White Paper

Dynamic Investment White Papers for owners of The Amazing Future of Investing book are available for the following groups:

Individual Investors
Learn about various DI and Dynamic Portfolio configurations and choose one that fits your investing style and goals. Also find out what configurations are most popular with NAOI users.

Dynamic Investment Designers
NAOI trained Dynamic Investment designers will be much in demand by the entire financial services industry. DI Design Classes are available from the NAOI as discussed on this page.

ETF Developers
ETF developers will benefit most from the introduction of Dynamic Investments. After all, DIs are created by combining ETFs in a dynamic structure as discussed here. DIs enable ETF developers to create a full product line of powerful Dynamic Investments virtually overnight with little effort or expense involved. By doing so ETF developers will be able to uncover massive hidden value currently lying dormant in an ETF product line.  

Portfolio Designers and Mangers
Today's portfolio designers have an incredibly difficult job. They must try to predict which areas of the market will increase in price in the future and then select from dozens of investment types that track these areas. This problem goes away with Dynamic Investments. Using DIs, portfolio designers identify a "group" of ETFs that can track multiple assets and markets to place in the Dynamic ETF Pool of the DI they are designing. The "market" then automatically decides which to buy, based on the price trends of each, and hold until the next "review" period. 

Financial Advisors
DIs are off-the-shelf, standardized products that perform better than any MPT-based, customized portfolio in existence today. Financial advisors in the future will simply select them from DI catalogs and combine them into Dynamic Portfolios. And these portfolios will perform better than any MPT portfolio in existence. Also, eliminating the need for portfolio customization will free up an extraordinary amount of time for the Financial Advisor of the future. This is time that can be used to provide better, more valuable financial services to the public

Index Creators 
When an optimal set of ETFs is found for a Dynamic Investment targeting a specific investing goal it can be viewed in the same manner as today's standard proprietary Indexes and it may be classified as "intellectual property" of the developer. As such, a superior Dynamic ETF Pool configuration can be a significant source of revenues for its owner who can then license its use to DI Designers. With the introduction and widespread use of Dynamic Investments, the meaning of the word "index" is expanded along with the benefits that will accrue to those that create them.

401k Plan Users and Providers
Dynamic Investments are the perfect investment type for Retirement Plans of all types. This White Paper shows how and why. 

Discount Brokers
Discount brokers that support DIs and offer DI support services will capture a massive new customer base that will soon be using Dynamic Investments. The successful online brokers of the future will offer the products and services on their online trading platform.


"the future of investing starts here" is a registered service mark of the National association of online investors

"the future of investing starts here" is a registered service mark of the National association of online investors