Dynamic investments are the future of investing !

Dynamic investments are the future of investing !

In addition to the information about Dynamic Investments found on this Web site (naoi.org) we have also created a site devoted to Dynamic Investment Theory and Dynamic Investments. It is found at www.DITheory.com.

Below are several links that members of the media who wish to explore this new approach in more detail. All links will open in a separate browser window.

  • NAOI Dynamic Investment Products - Here you will see a variety of NAOI products that are designed using Dynamic Investment Theory. A single DI can be an investor's total portfolio. Or a DI can be one building block of a more comprehensive Dynamic Portfolio. DIT opens a vast new world of product development. Read more at this link.

  • New Investing Concepts - DIT changes how we invest at a fundamental level. On this page I discuss just a few of the new investing concepts that DIT will enable. They will surprise you. You have probably been taught that many of them are not possible. But once the fundamental way we invest changes from MPT to DIT, the impossible becomes the normal. Here you will learn about a new diversification element called Time-Diversity as well as how DIT enables the Holy Grail of the financial world, namely, the "productization of investing".

  • How DIT will Impact the Individual Investor - On this page I show how the use of Dynamic Investments eliminates much of the complexity and risk that exist in the world of investing today. The DIT-based world of investing will attract millions of individual investors who are now on the market sidelines in fear.

  • How DIT will impact Financial Professionals - Financial professionals may see DIT as a threat to the MPT status-quo. But this would be a wrong reaction to this new approach. DIT and the use of DIs will significantly improve the quality of products and services provided by financial professionals and open new revenue streams that don't exist. This page provides links to examples of how a variety of financial and investor professionals will be positively impacted with by the introduction of Dynamic Investments.

  • The New 401(k) Plan "Default" Investment - Most retail investing today is done in 401(k) or other retirement plans. Presented on this Web page is a brief description of how the entire retirement-plan industry will evolve into the 21st Century through the use of a new "default" investment that we call a Market-Biased Portfolio.

  • A Word to Skeptics - Change of the magnitude that will result from the use of Dynamic Investments is never easy, especially in a financial services market that is doing quite well for itself with the status quo. Many organizations will not want to "rock the boat" with new, innovative ideals. So I hear all types of reasons why DIT and DIs will not work. I address these issues on this page.

  • NAOI Consulting - The NAOI offers consulting services to the financial services industry that will enable financial organizations to easily, quickly and cost effectively integrate Dynamic Investments into their product lines.

  • The Amazing Future of Investing Book - This is the book that describes in detail how the NAOI researched and developed Dynamic Investment Theory and the Dynamic Investment model that DIT enables. Also show are simple but powerful DIs created and tested by the NAOI and how they can be used today by both individuals and professionals to enhance their investing experience and success.


"the future of investing starts here" is a registered service mark of leland hevner and the naoi

"the future of investing starts here" is a registered service mark of leland hevner and the naoi