In this presentation I have shown how "thinking differently" has led to the development of the first viable alternative to Modern Portfolio Theory in over 60 years. It comes in the form of Dynamic Investment Theory. You should know how it works at this point. By breaking out of the MPT "box" the presentation has shown that investing performance deemed as impossible by today’s experts can be achieved.

But is DIT the ultimate investing approach? The answer is a resounding NO. It will eventually be replaced by something else that works even better IF we keep looking.

Investing Has Evolved

Something important has happened with the introduction and documentation of DIT. It finally gets the world of investing unstuck from the MPT "mud" and moving forward again.

DIT does not simply "tweak" MPT as do most other developments touted as major advancements today - e.g. robo-advisors or smart-beta ETFs - it completely replaces it. Now the industry has two distinct approaches to investing, MPT and DIT, and a third if both are combined in an NAOI Hybrid Portfolio that combines both methods as discussed on Slide 07.

With the release of Dynamic Investment Theory, MPT can no longer be described as the "settled-science" method for designing portfolios. NAOI research efforts have given investors choices and better options. And by doing so we have met our corporate mission of investor empowerment.

The Search Continues

By stepping outside of the MPT box and thinking differently the NAOI has evolved the world of investing to a new level of effectiveness. But while we continue to develop, enhance and define applications for DIT, we are already search for its replacement; for the next step forward. Perhaps this will involve the application of Artificial Intelligence to investing or perhaps something else. But the search for ever-better ways to empower individuals to invest with confidence, with success and without fear continues at the NAOI.

Each success such as the development of DIT is only a stepping stone to the next, more effective discovery.

the search continues

the search continues

The NAOI is committed to the evolution of investing and we invite others to join us via an NAOI Partnership as discussed on Slide 13 that follows.

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