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The Investing Book that Changes Everything!

The NAOI is pleased announce the release of the most significant investing book available to the public in decades. It is described, and you can purchase it, just below. Whether you are an individual investor or a financial professional, if there is only one investing book you read this year, this is the one. The new investing approach it describes will shock, amaze and excite you. And you will be able to use what you learn here immediately upon completion of the final chapter. Enjoy!

The Amazing Future of Investing

Introducing Dynamic Investments
& Market-Sensitive Portfolios


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Book Details

Title: The Amazing Future of Investing: Introducing Dynamic Investments and Market-Sensitive Portfolios
Author: Leland Hevner
Publish Date: April, 2018
Format: 8.5" x 11.0" Comb-Bound, Hard-Copy Book for easy study
Pages: 222
Price: $349 (limited-time introductory price)
Publisher: The National Association of Online Investors (NAOI), Tampa, Florida, USA

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Book Description

5+ years in the writing, this book changes the world of investing at a fundamental level. It transforms the way we invest from today's "static", buy-and-hold approach to a far more profitable "dynamic", buy-and-sell approach.

In this book you will learn how a new investment approach, called Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT), and a revolutionary investment type that DIT creates, called Dynamic Investments (DIs), usher in a new era of simpler, more profitable and less risky investing. Using Dynamic Investments, individuals will finally be empowered to invest with confidence and without fear of major losses. And they can reasonably expect to earn returns that are far higher than the static portfolios they hold today with less risk. Financial professionals and organizations who read about and embrace this new approach to investing will be able to immediately and substantially improve their investing products / services in a manner that gives them a massive competitive advantage over those that do not read this book.

This is the ONE book that will define how we invest for decades to come. To get an overview of how take a look at the book's Table of Contents presented just below.

TOC Publisher.png


The Problem Solved by this Book

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The seeds for this book were planted in 2008 when author, Leland Hevner, was teaching a college-level class in personal investing. He was showing students how to create portfolios using asset-allocation methods to match their risk profile as dictated by Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) - the "settled science" approach to portfolio design today. Yet, as the stock market crashed in that year he watched in dismay as these portfolios crashed right along with it.

At that point Hevner had to realize that MPT, a portfolio design approach introduced in the 1950's, no longer worked in today's markets (see the nearby chart). As a result he cancelled all further education classes and refocused NAOI resources on finding better fundamental approach to investing; one that could empower investors to thrive in 21st century markets. Following an extensive research, development and testing effort, Hevner and the NAOI found it in the form of Dynamic Investment Theory. This book documents Hevner's scientifically-based research process and introduces to the world a new, dynamic approach to investing that replaces the 65+ year old MPT-based methods we are told to use today!

Dynamic Investment Theory:
A Simple, High Performance, Low Risk Investing Approach

The new approach to investing described in the book is called Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT). It creates a next-generation investment type called Dynamic Investments (DIs). DIs are the market's first and only market-sensitive investment. They automatically change the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) they hold based on a periodic sampling of market trends. By purchasing ONLY ETFs that are trending up in price and selling or avoiding those that are trending down, DIs produce significantly higher returns than virtually any portfolio in existence today, no matter how sophisticated, with lower risk and no active management required.

For example, you will learn in this book how the simplest possible Dynamic Investment, one that automatically rotates its holding only between a Stock ETF and a Bond ETF earned the returns shown in the table below as compared to the returns of a traditional MPT portfolio with 50% allocation to each of the same ETFs. Note the astounding Average Annual Rate of return rate of the DI for the period from the start of 2007 to the end of 2017. The Sharpe Ratio is a measure of how much return was achieved for each unit of risk taken - the higher the better. In this example it shows that the higher returns DID NOT come with higher risk. MPT says this is impossible. DIT shows that it is.

DIT MPT Compare.png

We call the DI used in this example the NAOI Core DI. You will be able to implement it and other NAOI designed DIs, immediately upon completion of the book! And you can do so on your own, using an online broker, if you wish. The book provides step-by-step instructions!

Not Just Another "Investing Book"

The Amazing Future of Investing is not just another "how-to" investing book that you can find by the dozens on Amazon for $19.95 and that if purchased end up on your bookshelf collecting dust. A major problem with virtually all of these books is that they take for granted that the underlying investing principles used will be based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) which, as discussed above, is based on 1950's era markets and decades old thinking. Then they layer on top of this obsolete model minor modifications that they claim will make a major difference in your investing success. They are putting the proverbial lipstick on a pig. And they will not empower you to become a confident and successful investor.

The Amazing Future of Investing Book is different. We started with a blank slate as if MPT didn't exist. We developed a new, updated theory of investing called Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT) designed to work in 21st Century markets. Then we show how DIT creates dynamic, intelligent and market-sensitive investments that perform better than any static, buy-and-hold MPT portfolio with less risk and no active management required. Creating this simpler, more profitable and less risky investing environment was possible ONLY because we broke the constraints of MPT and designed portfolios that allow profits to soar while strictly limiting risk. No, this is NOT just another investing book. It is in a class by itself.

The Price?

Yes, this book is priced above other books that claim to show you how to invest with success today. But as discussed just above this is not simply a book on how to invest. This is a book that first shows why current methods of investing don't work in today's markets and then replaces them with fundamental methods that do. With the constraints of MPT broken we then show you how to achieve investing returns that today's "experts" will say are impossible. The book's price is dwarfed by the additional investing returns that can be achieved over an investing career by those who read what is presented here and act on it. 

Financial organizations regularly pay tens of thousands of dollars for consulting contracts and studies that provide far less valuable and actionable information than is found in this book. Those organizations who embrace the DIT approach will learn how to create and offer better products/services that will result in the capture of significant new market share, open massive new revenue streams and gain a competitive advantage in a crowded market. The ROI of purchasing this book will be through the roof!

For financial professionals and organizations the NAOI also offers consulting services as discussed here that will show them how to integrate Dynamic Investments into their offerings in order to capture market share, open new revenue streams and gain a massive competitive advantage over organizations that don't read this book. And we show how this can be done without disrupting current operations!

Who Should Read This Book?

This book was written for two audiences. It will show individual investors it will show how to greatly simplify the world of investing and how to earn significantly higher returns with less risk than is possible with the way investing works today. It will show financial organizations how to easily create powerful investment products that can outperform any MPT portfolio they market today; and by doing so open new markets, increase revenues and gain a massive competitive advantage in the future of investing. Let's look at the advantages that this book brings to each audience in more detail below.

investing just became simpler, more profitable and less risky!

investing just became simpler, more profitable and less risky!

Individual Investors

If you are an individual with money to invest, regardless of the amount, you must read this book. It shows that much of what you have been taught about how to invest is either wrong or dangerously out-dated. And it shows that the MPT-based portfolio you probably hold today is placing your financial future at great risk. In The Amazing Future of Investing you will learn how to take more personal control of your portfolio using simple Dynamic Investments that are easy to understand, implement and manage – with or without the help of an advisor.

And you will read how DIs can produce returns that are far higher than today’s “experts” will tell you are possible with significantly less risk. And perhaps for the first time in your investing career you will feel both confident, unafraid and even optimistic when interacting with the world of investing.

Advisors and Financial Organization Member

Preparing for the future of investing

Preparing for the future of investing

If you are a member of the financial services industry, you MUST also read this book and begin acting on the information provided here immediately. When the public becomes aware of the simplicity and power of Dynamic Investments they will demand them. If you have read this book and acted on the information presented here. you will be positioned to meet this massive demand and capture market share.

Dynamic Investments relieve the fears that keep people out of the market today. This new investment type provides much higher returns than the MPT portfolios they are given today with less risk and no active management required. DIs also provide absolute portfolio protection from market crashes. This is what both the investing public AND institutional investors want and need. When DIs become available millions of new investors will flood the market.

Organizations that prepare NOW to offer DIs as a part of their product offerings will thrive in the future of investing. Those that don't will miss a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to rise above their competition. NAOI support resources will show you how to easily transition from today's MPT portfolio chaos to the much simpler and more profitable DIT future of investing.

the future of investing starts here (SM)

the future of investing starts here (SM)