The word “Partnership” can have multiple meanings. It can mean a legal construct with very precise rules. That is not the definition that is used here. An NAOI Partnership means simply working together to the mutual benefit of both parties. It means agreeing to share knowledge, exchange ideas and debate issues in order to make the world of investing a simpler, more profitable, less risky place for individuals to invest. Of course “non-disclosure” agreements can and will be a part of the informal partnership structure.

Here are areas in which the NAOI seeks partnerships.

Education Partnerships

  • Academia

Dynamic Investing Partnerships

An NAOI DI Partnership enables organizations to work on an on-going basis directly with the NAOI in the development of new Dynamic Investments, Dynamic Portfolios, DI applications and profitable strategies. For a limited time period we can also discuss an exclusive cooperative agreement.

  • Develop a better design and testing environment

  • Automating the DI management process - online brokers

  • Create DI Exchange Traded Funds

  • Define more and better DI strategies

Research and Development Partnerships

DIs are one example of how the NAOI is attempting to transform investing from an art, which it is today, to a science which it should aspire to be. Only by reducing or eliminating the role of subjective human judgments in the portfolio design and management process will the wealth generation potential of US equity markets be fully realized by both the investing public and the financial services industry.

  • Portfolio Design Science

  • Beyond Dynamic Investments

  • Portfolio Design Science - three components

Marketing Partnerships

  • The Value of NAOI Endorsement

  • Recommended Sites