Dynamic Investment Theory and Dynamic Investments usher in an exciting new era of investing for both investors and financial professionals that exist to serve them. The NAOI has been developing and working with this innovative approach to investing for over a decade, since we first realized that Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) was creating portfolios that could not cope with modern markets.

While the Dynamic Investment concept that you have learned about in this presentation is relatively easy to understand, making its full power usable by the investing public has required significant effort and "out-side-the-box" thinking. We have devoted years to creating creating user-friendly simple products that are market-sensitive and capable of producing returns that are far higher than those possible using MPT portfolios with less risk and no active management required.

The NAOI Advantage

As you have learned in this presentation DIs take advantage of asset and market price trends. And, yes, others have tried to use this same factor. But only the NAOI has managed to do so in a manner that not only creates a unique investment type but also provides the market with a completely new approach to investing - one that is at least a viable alternative to MPT and at most a complete replacement.

The NAOI has another advantage. We are uniquely positioned to gather input from average people with money to invest. Based on our 10+ year history as the market's premier investor education organization, we have access to a massive student-base that we regularly survey to understand what they need to become confident and successful investors. This input guides our investment product design decisions. Organizations that ignore this type of input when developing new products or methods are essentially working in the dark. Thus, while other organizations may claim that their "momentum" products function the same as NAOI Dynamic Investments - nothing could be further from the truth.

A Minimum One Year Head-Start on the Future of Investing

Feedback from NAOI students who have been using DIT methods and DIs for at least two years tells us that DIT, not MPT, is the future of investing. And it is simply a matter of time before the entire financial industry realizes the same. By working with the NAOI now via the support resources discussed below, your organization begin realizing the benefits of Dynamic Investments first, well before your competitors release their first Dynamic Investment. And those that have a strategic plan that includes this new approach to investing will be positioned to define and dominate the future of investing. The NAOI will show you how.

Dynamic Investment Education Seminars

NAOI Dynamic Investment Seminars give your organization all that you need to know to determine if and how Dynamic Investments can fit into your product line and strategic plans. Typically held at the offices of the company we work with, attendees will learn why and how Dynamic Investment Theory and Dynamic Investments (DIs) were developed. We then show you how introducing DIs into your product offerings can result in significantly increased revenues in a very short time. They will also learn how to create simple but powerful Dynamic Investments using ETFs and/or mutual fund from your existing product line or by combining equities from multiple vendors. Ample time will be reserved for questions and answers. This is the NAOI offering that should be at the top of your list.

Dynamic Investment Planning and Design Classes

The purpose of this Class is to teach students the art and science of DI design. DI's are simple in concept but designing optimal DIs, ones that provide the highest returns with the lowest risk, requires a skill set that can only be learned from the NAOI. Students who complete this course will be able to design unique Dynamic Investments that can become the proprietary property of your organization. As such they can not only be included in a company's product line but also licensed for use by other companies. This class will give your company a massive competitive advantage in today’s crowded market and a head-start on the future of investing. Classes are held at the client’s offices.

NAOI Consulting

In an NAOI Consulting arrangement the NAOI will work to create customized Dynamic Investments and DI-based portfolios that meet the specific needs of your clients and market. The NAOI will also show you how to build a “moat” around your DI offerings that will be extremely for competitors to breach and thus giving you a strong competitive advantage for an extended period of time before the market catches up; if the ever do.

NAOI Partnerships

The release of Dynamic Investment Theory is not the end of a process, but rather the beginning; the foundation upon which to discover and develop an unlimited number of new products and support resources. An NAOI Partnership provides a the vehicle that enables your company to work along side the NAOI to create investing products and methods that are far superior to those available today The nature of the partnership will determine who owns the resulting developments or if ownership is shared.

Contact Information and Updates

For more information on these or other types of support products please contact me directly at LHevner@naoi.org.

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"the future of investing starts here" is a registered service mark of the National association of online investors

"the future of investing starts here" is a registered service mark of the National association of online investors