Rarely does the opportunity come to be in on the ground floor of a change as important as is represented by the introduction of Dynamic Investment Theory and DIs. This IS the future of investing and those who embrace it first with the help of the NAOI will benefit the most.

DIs are so beneficial to investing that change will not be optional for these reasons:

  • The NAOI will teach DIT to our students and those of our academic partners. When the public learns about DIs and the returns that they can produce, they will demand them. Organizations that offer DIs will capture this audience, those that don’t will not only not take advantage of this flood of new investors but they are likely to lose clients they currently have.

  • As part of our DI education we will give to investors a new portfolio performance benchmark as shown below. We will instruct them to show it to their current advisors in order to compare the returns and risk levels of the portfolios given to them by their advisors. if your organization provides performance lower than the NAOI benchmark they will question why they should not just hold a simply Dynamic Investment that provides better performance at significantly lower cost.

  • When just one company offers DIs the force of competition will force all others to do the same. Major competitive advantages in the world of investing have a short life-span, unless you work with the NAOI. Via a consulting contract we can show you how to get DIs to the market in the fastest manner and also how to build a significant “moat” around your offerings by creating DI creation and support tools.

  • The NAOI will make available to the public a catalog of optimal DIs along with simple instructions on how to implement and manage them using an online broker. Thus, if people can’t find an organization that offers them, they can simply obtain superior investment performance working on their own.

Not offering Dynamic Investments will soon be a risky business. An NAOI Seminar that enables you to make an informed choice is a low-cost way to avoid missing out on what could be a massive change coming in the world of investing.

"the future of investing starts here" is a registered service mark of the National association of online investors

"the future of investing starts here" is a registered service mark of the National association of online investors