In addition to "The Amazing Future of Investing" book the NAOI also provides a variety of in-person, interactive DIT support resources. Among them are the following:

DIT Seminars

The NAOI offers on-site DIT Seminars to financial organizations that wish to learn more about DIT, ask questions and understand how this new approach can fit into their strategic plans. All such Seminars are conducted by DIT architect Leland Hevner.


Training Classes

The NAOI offers a series of DIT Training Classes that teach financial professionals how to work with Dynamic Investments. One is a class that teaches developers how to create unique Dynamic Investments from the setting of a goal to a final DI product. This class can be either taught on-site at an organization's offices or at our facilities in Tampa, Florida.



The NAOI is prepared to work with any advisor or financial organization to seamlessly integrate Dynamic Investments into their product offerings. As part of a consulting engagement the NAOI will provide customized advice and a detailed plan that enable any organization to take full advantage of Dynamic Investments without disrupting current revenue streams.


Speaking Engagements

NAOI President and DIT developer Leland Hevner is available to give presentations on how the future of investing will look with the introduction of Dynamic Investments. He is fully prepared to not only give a tremendously interesting and provocative presentation, but also to vigorously debate and defend his views. It is fair to say that many in the financially establishment will disagree with him and this is what makes a speaking engagement with Mr. Hevner not only entertaining and engaging but also fun!


Contact Us

Contact the NAOI to discuss and take advantage of any of these Dynamic Investment support resources.


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