a world-class education component is critical to the success of products / services

a world-class education component is critical to the success of products / services

The NAOI is the financial market’s leading provider of personal investing education. Since our founding in 1997 thousands of individuals have read our published books, taken our online courses and/or attended our college classes. A sampling of our education offerings is found by clicking this link.

NAOI Education Resources and Methods

Among the reasons that NAOI investor education stands alone in terms of quality in the industry are the following:

  • We have experienced writing and editing staff that have produced dozens of books and courses

  • We have a Publication Division that enables us to create customized education courses quickly and using a variety of formats including multi-media

  • We have significant experience in academia and the financial services industry that enable us to create a professional education component customized for your specific needs

For your specific education needs we will first seek to completely understand how your product or services work and the benefits they provide to the target audience. We will then propose the content and format that will multiply the value of your offerings. Upon agreement, we can then discuss how your education product is presented and delivered to your customers. Or, the learning component can be used as a part of your market material. The choice is yours.

Education Types

The NAOI recognizes two basic “types” of education that the public is looking for. They are as follows:

Basic Investing Knowledge - This type of education product ensures that your customers or prospects have an understanding of investing basics. Providing this type of education services two purposes. First, it enable individuals to take advantage of your offerings with a full understanding of its benefits. Basic education creates prospects. Second, by making it available, potential customers see your organization as providing complete investing solutions, not simply financial “products.” And the NAOI knows that this is what the market is seeking.

Customized Education - This type of education enables customers / clients to completely understand how you product / service works and why they should buy it. The NAOI will work with your company’s developers and/or marketing team to create an education resource that enables your customers to take full advantage of your offering. In addition, such education will take a massive workload off of your product support staff.

A Smart Investment

Too many organizations spend millions of dollars to create new products and services that simply don’t sell. And its not because these offerings are not valuable to the market. It is because they are not accompanied with the education resources that enable people to understand and maximize the value of using it. And you should be fooled into thinking that Webinars, Help Files or FAQs do the job. Effective education resources have specific development guidelines known only to creators that are experienced in the academic world. This is what the NAOI offers in conjunction with significant experience in the financial world. This makes us unique and a small amount of money dedicated to the development of a world-class education component will multiply the value and sales of your product/service exponentially. It is one of the most important and smartest investment decisions you can make.

Getting Started

Contact NAOI President, Leland Hevner, directly with questions or to obtain information related to any of the valuable programs discussed above at LHevner@naoi.org.