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The Amazing Future of Investing

Introducing Dynamic Investments
& Market-Sensitive Portfolios


 Release Date: March 2018

Release Date: March 2018

Publisher: National Association of Online Investors (NAOI), Tampa, Florida, USA
Author: Leland Hevner
Format: 8.5" x 11.0" Comb-Bound, Hard-Copy Book
Pages: 232
Estimated Price: $349 (Subject to Change)
Volume Discounts Available: Contact LHevner@naoi.org

This book is an update to "The Dynamic Investment Bible" and will be released in March, 2018. To be notified of the release signup for the NAOI Updates Email at the bottom of this page.


5+ years in the writing, this book changes the world of investing at a fundamental level. It transforms the way we invest from today's "static", buy-and-hold approach to a far more effective "dynamic", market-sensitive, buy-and-sell approach. You will read here how Dynamic Investments usher in a new era of simpler, more profitable and less risky investing for individual investors. For financial organizations the new approach opens the doors to the development of far more effective investing products and the development of significant revenue streams that don't exist today.

This is the book that will define how we invest for decades to come.


The Problem Solved - Total Reliance on Modern Portfolio Theory

The seeds for this book were planted in 2008 when author, Leland Hevner, was teaching a college-level class in personal investing. He was showing students how to create portfolios using asset-allocation methods to match their risk profile as dictated by Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) - the "settled science" approach to portfolio design today. Yet, as the stock market crashed in that year he watched in dismay as these portfolios crashed right along with it.

At that point Hevner had to realize that MPT, a portfolio design approach introduced in the 1950's, no longer worked in today's markets. As a result he cancelled all further education classes and refocused NAOI resources on research aimed at finding better fundamental approach to investing; one that could cope with 21st century markets. Following a extensive research, development and testing effort Hevner and the NAOI found it. This book documents Hevner's scientifically-based research process and introduces to the world a new, dynamic approach to investing that at the very least supplements MPT and at the most completely replaces it!

Dynamic Investments - A Simple, High Performance Investing Approach

The new approach to investing described in the book is called Dynamic Investment Theory (DIT). It creates a revolutionary investment type called Dynamic Investments (DIs). DIs are the market's first and only market-sensitive investment. They automatically change the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) they hold based on a periodic sampling of market trends. By purchasing ETFs that are trending up in price and selling or avoiding those that are trending down, DIs produce significantly higher returns than virtually any of today's MPT portfolios, with lower risk and no active management required.

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This book first provides a logical foundation for why Dynamic Investments work better than MPT portfolios in modern markets and then walks you, step-by-step, through the process of designing, implementing and managing DIs to produce returns that today's "experts" will say are impossible. 

For example, you will learn how the simplest possible DI, one that automatically rotates its holding only between a Stock ETF and a Bond ETF earned an average annual return of over 30% for the decade from the start of 2008 to the end of 2017 with low risk and absolute market crash protection. You will be able to use this DI, and other NAOI designed DIs, immediately upon completion of the book!

Not Just Another Investing Book

The Amazing Future of Investing is more than just an investing "how-to" book that you will find dozens of on Amazon for $19.95. It is more accurately described as a ground-breaking Research Report commissioned by the National Association of Online Investors to find and develop a new and superior approach to investing; one capable of taking full advantage of modern volatile markets. 

The story of how the NAOI was able to meet this goal and how the new approach works are organized and presented in the manner shown in the Table of Contents image at right. Click it to enlarge for easier reading.

Financial organizations regularly pay tens of thousands of dollars for consulting contracts and studies that provide far less valuable and far less actionable information than is found in this book. The ROI of purchasing this book will be through the roof!

The additional investment returns that individuals have the potential of realizing by using DIs will, over a lifetime of investing, dwarf the price of this publication. For financial organizations the new and better products this book shows how to create will open new markets and generate new revenue streams that will make the price of this book totally insignificant.

More than just a "book", The Amazing Future of Investing is a detailed blueprint for the design of a better Future of Investing and a roadmap for successfully navigating this new, safer and more profitable investing landscape.

Who Should Read This Book?

 investing just became a lot more profitable and significantly less risky!

investing just became a lot more profitable and significantly less risky!

Individual Investors – If you are a person with money to invest, regardless of the amount, you must read this book. It shows that much of what you have been taught about how to invest is either wrong or dangerously out-dated. And it shows that the MPT-based portfolio you probably hold today can be putting your financial future at great risk. In The Amazing Future of Investing you will learn how to take more personal control of your portfolio using simple Dynamic Investments that are easy to understand, implement and manage – with or without the help of an advisor.

And you will read how DIs can produce returns that are far higher than today’s “experts” will tell you are possible with significantly less risk. And perhaps for the first time in your investing career you will feel both confident and optimistic when interacting with the world of investing.

Financial Organizations – If you are a member of the financial services industry, you MUST read this book and begin acting on the information provided here immediately. When the public becomes aware of the simplicity and power of Dynamic Investments they will demand them. Millions of individuals are currently sitting on the market sidelines in fear of risking their life savings in a market that they don't understand and that they know can wipe out their financial future virtually overnight.

Dynamic Investments relieve these fears by being simple to understand and by providing absolute protection of their money from significant market downturns / crashes and even financial scams! DIs also provide them with returns that today's experts will say are impossible.This is the investing approach that will finally bring these people back into the market by the tens of thousands. Organizations that offer DIs as a part of their product offerings will capture this new market and thrive in the future of investing. Those that don't will miss this once-in-a lifetime opportunity to capture market share. 

Change will not be optional for these reasons:


1. The NAOI will make the public aware of Dynamic Investments via our college education classes, our online courses and a wide range of marketing programs. When individual investors learn about the significant advantages of using DIs, as opposed to traditional MPT portfolios, they will demand them.

2. When at least one financial organization offers DIs, the public will flock to it in large numbers, taking clients from those that don't. The DI competitive advantage will make survival difficult for those organizations that ignore this major advance in the world of investing.

3. Should no financial organizations offer DIs, investors who have read this book or taken NAOI courses will be able to implement powerful Dynamic Investments on their own using an online broker, completely bypassing financial advisors. In the DIT-based future of investing, individual investors will have far more power than they have today. Financial organizations of the future need to understand this power shift and start planning for it now.

These factors and others will make ignoring the information provided in this book a very risky decision for any financial organization.

Evolving the World of Investing

This is the most important investing book in decades. It does not "tweek" the way we invest today. It replaces it.

Modern Portfolio Theory, today's "settled science" investing approach, has a limited life-span. It was introduced in 1952 when markets were a completely different place. While equity markets have evolved significantly over the the past 65+ years, MPT has barely changed at all, and it is no longer optimal. Dynamic Investment Theory represents the evolution of investing to match the evolution of the market and by doing so catapults the world of investing into the 21st Century. It does work in today's markets and exceedingly well. This book shows you how and why. It is your doorway into the amazing future of investing.

NAOI Support Resources

For financial organization who want to explore in more detail the use of Dynamic Investments, the NAOI stands ready to assist you. NAOI seminars, training classes and consulting contracts are available that will enable your organization to transition seamlessly to this new approach easily, efficiently and with minimal disruption to existing revenue streams. Financial organizations that understand and enter this new market first will be rewarded handsomely. 

Contact LHevner@naoi.org to discuss the variety of ways in which we can work together.

 the future of investing starts here (TM)

the future of investing starts here (TM)