The National Association of Online Investors (NAOI) owns one of the largest investor education knowledge bases in the industry. This is one of our most valuable assets. Created over the course of 20 years of teaching and publishing, this data collection consists of close to a thousand pages of quality education material. This page shows how we use it.


The NAOI uses our investing content knowledge base to quickly, efficiently and cost effectively create new course material as needed. Much of it can be used "as is" such as our educational content for investing basics. 

Of course we have the writing talent to create new material at any time for unique applications, such as for a client's products or services, but we don't need to "start from scratch" when creating customized courses .

Below are listed existing publications that show the extent of our investing knowledge base. Contained in these books is content that is fully edited and "scrubbed" of errors. It is also content that has been given high marks by NAOI students and purchasers of our courses.

NAOI Publications - Traditional Investing Methods

The book covers shown below are examples of publications created using the NAOI knowledge base. Each provides clear and easy to read content related to an important area of investing. And each consists of about 150 pages in an easy to use, "lay-flat" format that our students have requested.

Thousands of average people with money to invest have read these books and graduated from the NAOI Individual Investor Certification Program. And virtually all have given them the highest rating for both content AND presentation format. Click any cover to enlarge the image. Also note that the image at bottom right is the Certificate of Individual Investor Certification.

NAOI Publications - Cutting Edge Investing Methods

Below are shown individual books that discuss new, cutting edge investing methods. Remember, the NAOI has a Research and Development department as well. When new and better ways of investing are discovered we make them available to the public in books like this. Note that "The Perfect Portfolio" book, shown at right, was published by John Wiley & Sons and sold thousands of copies. Also note that "The Amazing Future of Investing" book on the left discussed our newly released Dynamic Investing methodology and the new investment vehicle called Dynamic Investments. It is available for purchase today in the NAOI Store.

Custom Course.png

Customized Courses

As discussed in the Education Consulting area of this site, when we create a customized Study Course / Program for a client we use as much content as we can from our Investing Knowledge Base to make the process faster, less expensive and to ensure the highest quality content is used.

We then combine this content with new content for our client's unique product or service. The NAOI employees the best writers and editors in the business - all well-versed in the art and science of investing.

No other organization can build for you a more professional Study Course for your unique needs than the NAOI!

For Academia

What we are not showing here on this page are the hundreds of pages of content related to the College-Level Investing Courses that the NAOI has taught for over two decades.  This is material and content that we can use to create new courses for any academic institution who want to include an Investor Education course of study in the offerings to their students. The NAOI can assure you that such a course will be oversubscribed each time it is presented.

More Than Content

Obviously quality investor education content is at the heart of an effective Study Program. But the NAOI provides more. From years of teaching and publishing we have learned the most effective formats for presenting educational material. We know that students want hardcopy books to study. We know that effective learning occurs when the hardcopy material is combined with links to Web sites where what they learn can be transformed into action. And, in general, we know how to layout a book in a manner that is logical, easy to read and provides maximum student retention of the knowledge conveyed. Content is not effective if not presented correctly.

In addition, the NAOI can design the cover if a client wishes and we will produce the book via the NAOI Publishing Division. Of course this is optional for organizations who wish to publish their customized study programs on their own.

The NAOI does not just create investor education books, we create investor education SOLUTIONS!

Contact Us

To request a consultation related to an Education Course for your unique investing product or service or to discuss having the NAOI assist with developing an Investing Course in an academic environment contact the President of the NAOI, Leland Hevner, at this email:

The NAOI supplies all of your investor education needs

The NAOI supplies all of your investor education needs