Finding competitive advantage in today’s financial industry is difficult to say the least. NAOI experience from years of working with the investing public tells us that to individual investors, all financial advisors and financial organizations look alike; they all sell the same thing. As a result, they typically chose an advisor or a financial organization to work with based on recommendations from friends and family.


Stand Out in a Crowded Field

The NAOI can change this dynamic. We know what individual investors want and need from the financial services industry that they are not getting today. Sitting at the top of this list are education and innovation. Financial organizations that offer either or both of these benefits gain a massive competitive advantage in a crowded field and will be able to attract thousands of individual investors who now select advisors and financial organizations essentially at random.

NAOI Cooperative Agreements

The NAOI will work with advisors and financial organizations to develop these competitive advantages via a consulting contract as described on the Web pages included in this area of the site. These pages can be accessed via the submenu of the “Consulting” selection on the site’s main navigation menu or by clicking the links just below.

Education Development and Consulting

Dynamic Investment Consulting

It is in these two areas where major competitive advantages exist. The ROI of an NAOI Consulting / Development contract will be off the charts!

Getting Started

Read one or both of the Web pages referenced above and then contact NAOI President, Leland Hevner, at to begin a discussion of how we can work together to give you and/or your organization a massive competitive advantage in a crowded field.